Female Orgasms – How Many Different Types Can YOU Give?

So, you think you’re a stud who can bring a woman to ultimate bliss?  How many types of orgasms have you given a woman?  No, no, no… slow down there tiger.  Not how MANY orgasms have you given her, but how many different TYPES of female orgasms?  Please tell me you know there is more than one type of orgasm!  As a phone sex operator, I am constantly learning new things and this is a topic I thoroughly enjoyed researching.

By definition, an orgasm is the highest peak of sexual excitement.  It is the tightening and sudden releasing of the muscles in the genital areas that is accompanied by extreme sensual sensations.  But, did you know there were 11 types of female orgasms?  Call me crazy but I only know of three and I’M a female!  I know of the common female orgasms – clitoral, G-spot, and anal.

Exploring Clitoral, G-Spot, And Squirting Female Orgasms

These are the most common types of female orgasms and while they are self-explanatory, there are methods to help make each more easily achievable.  Clitoral orgasms are usually felt along the skin with a warm, flushing sensation.  It can be achieved by stimulating the clit, the tight little bundle of nerves located outside of the vagina, towards the top of the vulva.  The clit is typically covered with a hood, which can be exposed by pressing your finger above the hood and folding it back to make the clit more easily accessible.  Stimulating the clit using a rhythmic motion with your fingers, tongue, or a toy while alternating pressure and speed will throw your lady into orgasmic bliss.

A G-spot orgasm is felt deep within the vagina and is accompanied by the vaginal walls pulsing and contracting.  The person giving this type of female orgasm can easily tell when it has been achieved due to the vaginal contractions.  The G-spot is located only about an inch or so inside the vagina, along with the upper wall, near the belly button.  It has a slightly raised, bumpy texture.  Stimulate this area with pressure and short, direct motions (like motioning someone to come here with your finger) and you’ll have your lady flying high in no time.  A G-spot orgasm is usually accompanied by squirting, so it may be harder for your lady to achieve this type of female orgasms, as she is afraid of peeing.  But keep at it and you’ll both be glad you did!

Deep Vaginal And Cervical Female Orgasms

A cervical orgasm is achieved by penetrating or massaging the cervix.  For many women, the cervix is too sensitive to touch and, therefore, this type of orgasm is not always easily achieved.  It is best attempted after lots of foreplay and when the woman is deeply “turned on.”  Gently massage the cervix with the head of your penis or, if this is too much, gently with your fingers or a toy.  Unlike the clitoris, the cervix does not “need a break” before getting worked up again.  Therefore, once achieved, a woman can have multiple female orgasms by stimulating the cervix.

There are two types of deep vaginal female orgasms.  First is the A Spot.  This is an area located high inside the vagina, on the front wall of the vaginal muscles, just below the cervix.  Opposite this, is the O Spot.  This spot is also located high inside the vagina, only it is on the back wall of the vaginal muscles, just behind the cervix.  Both areas are surrounded by tight ligaments protecting sensitive nerve endings.  With enough stimulation you can tease these nerve endings, causing the entire uterus to contract to result in massive, intense, female orgasms.

Anal, Nipple, And Blended Female Orgasms

Many women have extremely sensitive nipples.  The nipples are a highly erogenous zone and are often used as foreplay and then neglected.  However, for many women continued stimulation to the breasts and nipples can cause an orgasm without ever having to be touched below the belt.  Try different methods to see what works best for your woman.  Some women like a bit of pain (pun intended) so try nibbling and sucking with varying degrees of intensity to see what she responds best to.

Anal orgasms are achieved through, well duh, anal sex.  There are lots of very sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus and perineum, many connected to the cervix, but most notably is the pelvic nerve.  This nerve ties cervix, uterus, and prostrate together.  With stimulation either during intercourse or with a finger or toy women can experience the most intense female orgasms.  Achieving the most intense orgasm, however, blended stimulation is most effective.  This is accomplished via double penetration – not to say two cocks are necessary but try experimenting with fingers, toys, dildos, and more!  Or, try adding in BBC XXX for a fun twist.

The Two Rarest Forms Of Female Orgasms:  Sleep And Coregasm

Some women can have such an erotic dream that they throw themselves into an orgasm without ever actually touching themselves.  Sorry fellas, this is not one you can help her with.  Well… maybe you can whisper naughty suggestions in her ear when she starts to roll around and moan and help intensify or prolong her Sleep-gasm.

Alternately, some women can have a coregasm through exercise.  This occurs when the woman is working out and all her muscles contract.  This can result in orgasm during the relaxation of the muscles.  As the name suggests, these types of female orgasms often result after working out the core muscles.  It can happen right away, or after returning home and doing something as mundane as leaning over to pick up something off the floor.  After such an intense workout and relaxation period the slightest contraction can send your woman into bliss!

Ending On My Personal Favorite:  Multiple Female Orgasms

Now my personal favorite (as I am sure it is every woman’s personal favorite) is multiple female orgasms.  Mix it up.  Spice it up.  Try new things.  Don’t be a one-trick pony and stick to JUST the thing you know will get your woman off… although it’s always a good thing to get her off.  But experiment and try new methods.  Try more than one method at a time… what’s better than multiple female orgasms?  Multiple blended female orgasms!  Try cervical and nipple and as she’s coming down from that, attack her clit and G-spot.  Mix it up and drive us wild.  Trust me… it’ll keep us coming back for more, time and time again.

DISCLAIMER:  Some of these topics are new to me and I did research them.  However, these are my own personal thoughts regarding female orgasms.  Some opinions are from personal experience and some are pure speculation.  The most important thing is to have safe, consensual, fun and experiment at your own risk!  There is no right or wrong way to please your partner, as everyone is different.  Always remember, practice makes perfect!

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