female orgasm

Oh, how I love a man who is in tune with his woman’s orgasms!  There is just no better sexual experience than with a guy that takes the time and effort to make sure that his lady is satisfied.  It just makes the sex so much better!

Want to hear all about how much I enjoy (and reward!) a man who takes his pussy eating seriously?  Be sure to check out my diary entry on the (sometimes elusive) female orgasm.  I think you will enjoy it…and you just my learn something for the next time that you are in the saddle *winks*

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Are you ready for your next steamy hot phone sex call? Let’s see what kind of orgasm you can make me have. I love moaning for you, telling you how good you make me feel. I love when the orgasm starts in my toes and works its way slowly up my body until I am creamy will pleasure.