Female Orgasm Types – I have tried a variety of drugs but NOTHING gets me as HIGH as a SEXUAL Orgasm.  Yes the Big O for a woman can be compared to the way a man feels when he “Busts A Nut”  (Wicked LiL Laugh) That sounds painful to me!!  To each its own. I love the feeling and the sensation inside of me.  The tingling from head to toe and the waves and spasms of a great climax. It is such a simple, natural pleasure!

Imagine all the Female Orgasm Types that women experience.  The Oxford English Dictionary defines an orgasm as “a sudden movement, spasm, contraction, or convulsion […] a surge of sexual excitement.” Merriam-Webster gets more descriptive, stating that it’s “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.”

Challenge For Men – Attempt to pleasure your woman with All the Listed Orgasms Below

Clitoral OrgasmHow to GIVE a clitoral orgasm:   First things first, you need to figure out if your partner prefers direct or indirect stimulation.  This is not rocket science – you should have learned this back in high school.  Touching your girlfriend’s special “button” as you slipped your finger into her panties for the first time.  So then listen to the sounds and learn the breathing – you will know when you are going in the right direction.  Furthermore, your wife or girlfriend will appreciate a fulfilling clitoral orgasm.  Consequently with Female Orgasm Types like Clitoral orgasm – You will need to start somewhere.

G-Spot Orgasm – How to GIVE a G-Spot orgasm:  Remember the clit is on the outside and the G-spot is on the inside.   This should come to you as second nature and NOT a race.  Slow and steady wins the race. It’s all about pleasing a teasing while building the momentum.  Timing is everything when giving a woman an orgasm.  Slowly insert your middle finger in the pussy, as you kiss her neck or suck on her nipples.

Furthermore, remember slow and steady as you feel an area that’s likely ridged area in texture.  BINGO you’ve found the G-Spot!!  Stop there and gradually use the come-hither motion to stimulate the ridged area.  You are in the home stretch now reap the benefits – listen to the sounds of pleasure as you throw your woman over the edge and make her explode. ( You can also use a toy to rub and vibrate this area)

Don’t hold back – your woman won’t once you’ve mastered all the Female Orgasm Types


Anal OrgasmHow to GIVE an Anal orgasm:  Good luck men – this one is extremely tricky and MOST men will  NEVER encounter it!!! Realistically how many of you have ever fucked a girl’s ass?  The numbers are low – trust me!  I talk to A LOT of men and a lot of you have NEVER fucked an ass –  let alone have ever given an anal orgasm.  Most women will never give a man the opportunity to achieve this orgasm with them.  As a result, Female Orgasm Types of the anal kind are extremely rare.

Consequently, with that being said – we will only touch upon this rare event.   It’s almost the same as the G-spot orgasm – slow and steady.  Maybe you can Worship My Sexy Ass – Remember timing is everything – building the foundation.  Sexy and slowly starting with rimming the beautiful little starfish.  Hitting every little speed bump and flickering the hole.   (Beware – proceed with caution) Simultaneously keep licking and wet your finger at the same time and insert it in the ass.  Slowly teasing the ass hole while licking the pussy at the same time.   If you have made it this far – you are in the home stretch!!!   At the point (if you are doing it correctly and taking your time by paying attention to details).  She should be begging you to fuck her ass!! 

There is HOPE!!!  Believe you can do it – you will do it!!!

So then if you didn’t succeed with inserting your cock – return to steps one and two!!  Simultaneously use your tongue and finger to have your woman reach an anal orgasm.  With this in mind – you can Spread my ass and insert tongue -ANY DAY!!!

The invitation is open for ANY and ALL with me!!  Step right up – Would you like to take me for a ride? (Wicked LiL Grin) The pleasure is ALL mine!!!  Wait wait….Maybe I can flip the script!!  Let me give you a PULSATING anal orgasm by using my strap-on or giving you a Rusty Trombone!! Call me – let’s make it a date!!!

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