Control is a part of my life. Living in control is like a high for me. When I am controlling men I am getting a huge rush from the experience. Men should worship me and know that they must please me. My boy toys understand that they can do this by submitting to my control and obeying my commands. So, imagine my surprise when the tables are turned on me and I experience female orgasm denial!

Now, I’ve heard female orgasm denial stories before. The tumblr female orgasm denial captions are amazing. But, I never in a million years would have envisioned that I would submit myself, ever. Yes, you read that right, I was denied! It takes a special kind of guy to be able to do this and I never thought I would meet my match. Sure, many men have tried to dominate me. But they have all failed; miserably.

He must be new because I have never seen him before.

I am at my gym working my sensually, toned body. It feels like someone is staring at me. I turn around and there stands a sexy mother fucker eyeing me down. He isn’t even glancing away! This man is tall, at least 6’4″ with the perfect physique. Not too many muscles that make him look like a meathead, but all that he has is incredibly toned and sexy. Light brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and full sexy lips. My pussy literally starts to leak when our eyes are meeting. I am going to make him mine. Stepping off the elliptical, I walk his way.

While I am passing him, I make eye contact and smile flirtatiously. He smiles back but doesn’t speak. Oh, he is going to make this a challenge then. Bring it on fucker, I will have you wrapped around my finger in no time! Two can play at this game, I am going to ignore him as well. I begin doing my circuit working my way around the gym.

Now, he is following my circuit workout.

My charm is drawing that fine specimen in and before long he will bow down to me. Working our way through the circuit, we finish. I walk over to refill my water jug and he is trailing behind me. As I turn, he is right there at the water fountain. We make eye contact and this time he says hello.

I smile coyly and reciprocate with a big hello. Asking my name and giving me his, Nick, we start chatting. He is new to the area and loves to work out. A friend recommended our gym and he is very happy with what he has seen. As he says this, his eyes slowly scan my body. Sure thing doll, I am a gorgeous site. We continue to talk and get into our jobs.

When I tell him that I am a Phone Sex Operator that does sensual dominance, he smiles.

We go through the usual questions and he is asking if I have ever experienced tease and denial. Well, yes, it is one of my specialties. Our flirting amps up and I am thinking I will make him mine before we leave the gym today. Female orgasm denial is not even a thought in my mind. I am thinking of how I am going to control him.

He is guiding me to the sauna, telling me it is great for after our workout. I know what we are going to do but decide to indulge him anyway, lead away sexy. We aren’t in the sauna for more than two seconds before he starts kissing me. His lips are soft like velvet and I am feeling very weak in the knees. What the fuck is going on here? His strong hands are roaming my body and feel like he is beginning to take charge.

This is not normal and I need to take over. I have never let anyone female orgasm denial and he is not going to be the first!

We are making out and it is heating up in the sauna. I try with all I have to take over what we have going on. He literally, looks down at me and says, “If you are with me, I am in charge Brittany.” Oh, so that is what he is thinking. Not today Nick, not today. I use my skills, my voice, lips, and hands to get control.

Every move I make he is taking it back. This man is a fucking expert at control. I can’t be in charge of him. Sitting me down, he pulls off my workout pants and panties. Using his expert fingers, he is playing with my pussy. Instantly I am jello in his hands. Then he placing those lips on my pussy.

Before long he is at my clit.

This is insane and has never happened to me. He is manipulating my clit with his masterful fingers and lips. Bringing me to the edge of a climax and then pulling back. Looking down at him, I am asking why he won’t let me cum. He explains he loves female orgasm denial and this is my day to experience it with him. In between moans, I beg and plead with him. Please let me cum. Nick, I want to cum so fucking bad! While we have been in the sauna for what seems like forever as I have gotten close to coming at least six fucking times! This fucker is so evil and a piece of heaven all at the same time.

I am enjoying our encounter so much but even more so as he finally takes my clit into his mouth sucking on it. Consequently, my toes curl and my legs begin to shake; he has completely taken control over my body. I can feel myself getting closer with each stroke of his tongue. My hands grip the sides of the bench as I arch my back. My breathing intensifies as I moan louder. As a result, just before my sweet release, he lifts his head from between my thighs and grins. Are you fucking serious right now? Propping myself up on my elbows, I look him right in the eyes. He winks as he licks my sweet pussy juices from his lips. “Same time tomorrow?” He asks as he walks out of the sauna leaving me frustrated, speechless, and fucking horny.

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