Female oral sex is something that every man should experience at least once in his life. Now you may be thinking that would leave a weak pussy whipped man. However, that is not the case. Submitting to the power of the honey pot will only leave you experiencing the intense pleasures that you deserve. Therefore, you should never be afraid of diving down between the thighs of an exceptional Mistress such as me. In fact, you are more than welcome to continue reading on about how wonderful the world of vag and just how wonderful it is paired with my sensual domination charm.

Female Oral Sex: Licking, Stuffing, Fucking And More

Start by envisioning me standing in front of you and you in a chair. Wearing my sexiest lingerie I sway over to you my heels making a very distinct noise across the floor. Once in front of you, I will wrap my arms around your head and hug you close against my body. Surely you notice your face pushed against my mound. Of course, with just that you are going to find it hard not to be focused on one thing and that would be my perfect box. Truly I can sense this.



You begin to kiss on the outside of my panties as you slowly sink down from the chair onto your knees. Then, your hands will explore my ass as your nose breathes in my essence. However, you are not satisfied with just sniffing. After all, you need to taste me on your tongue as well. After all, this is where you belong. Comfy and cozy between the legs of a mature woman. Whimpers leave my lips, a sound you will begin to crave echoing inside of your mind. Finally, wrap arms around me and pull close. Indulge in the pussy that now controls your throbbing woody.

Panty Sniffing Vag Appreciation

Perhaps you find yourself craving me while I am away. Although, you may be one of my suitors who choose to keep your affections to yourself. Truly I can imagine you lurking around hiding in the shadows longing for the time that you can express your love for my pink box. Sneak your way into my bedroom and find your hands in a couple of my naughty places. Surely you are already aware of my hamper and my top drawer holds the prize that you are worthy of.

Top Drawer Pantied Treat

Searching through my panty drawer you will find beautiful underwear of various styles and colors. Holding them to your nose you will be able to inhale the subtle scent of most favorite perfume. Briefs, bikinis, thongs, and many more styles have had the luxury of being stuffed against my perfect muff. After all, we are both aware of your longing to touch that same zone.

Dirty Hamper Crotch Sniffer

Although, your attention could be focusing not just on the panties and the place they protect. Perhaps you long to taste my creamy deliciousness as it is planted inside of the cotton crotch of my favorite workout panties. Surely you can already imagine the taste of this fragrant underwear and how it will feel wrapped around your cock. Although you may not have enough courage to confess your obsession with my beautiful pussy, this alternative can provide a lot of stimulation for the perfect female oral sex-loving pervert.

Muff Envy

However, maybe your pussy worship moves past just the love of a pretty lady sitting on your face. After all, you could find yourself suffering from your own severe case of muff envy. Pussy worship can only go so far for the males that find themselves stuck in this situation. Although you understand you will never be superior like a real woman the urge and desire to have a pussy of your own is truly overwhelming.


This is why you should allow yourself to be taken over by your urges. After all, giving in to your desires for true pussy play will make your clit dick throb harder than it ever has before. Venture into this form of pussy worship whenever you are ready to get in touch with your true feminine urges no matter what form they take.


Female oral sex is such a complex fetish and exploring it with your favorite sensual domination babe will allow you to satisfy your true desire. If you’re lucky and please this perfect pussy, I may just tell you some of my favorite blow job sex stories.