I like to be in charge, and in control. Most noteworthy, it is fun to have men worship and submit to me; allowing me to decide their fate. That doesn’t mean that I won’t give up control once in a while. Seems like most of the time I am giving guided masturbation phone sex to the men in my life. Consequently, imagine my surprise when I met a man that would give me female guided masturbation!

A close friend is hosting a gala to raise funds for a charity. Certainly, it is a swanky event, and I am dressing to the hilt. Wearing one of my favorite full-length gowns with a high slit that shows off my long, sexy legs. And an open back that shows off the two dimples on my lower back above my ass cheeks that you love so much. The heels are 6-inch stilettos that are fucking hot. Wearing a gorgeous diamond jewelry set that accents my beautiful sunkissed skin.

On my arrival, all heads are turning to me!

I know I look good tonight and walk with arrogance. Consequently, men are literally stopping their conversations to stop and stare. Julie has outdone herself and invited the creme de la creme of local eligible bachelors. The event guests are all wealthy people that love to spend money to help the less fortunate. Everyone is decked out in the very best black-tie attire.

As I am circulating through the rooms I am stopping to chat with the guests. We have all met previously at other events. Female-guided masturbation is the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I catch a glimpse of a gentleman that I don’t know. He is extremely sexy with an impeccably tailored Prada tuxedo that looks as though it was designed exclusively for him. Realizing I need to know this man, I am searching for Julie.

As I am walking up to Julie she is smirking at me.

She is so fun and knows me too well. Explaining he is new to the area and from New York. He is a sworn bachelor with a trail of broken hearts. That sounds like my kind of guy! Taking my hand we cross the room to find us standing in front of Mr. Handsome. Julie introduces me to him and we shake hands.

The electricity is instant between us. We can both feel it and can’t take our eyes off of each other. Complimenting my gown and how beautiful I look earns him bonus points. He is interested in stories of his many travels. It would seem that Mr. Handsome loves thrills and travels to find them.

Truth is I am smitten with his charm.

Dinner is being served so we find our seats. Surprise, Julie had already seated me beside Mr. Handsome. She is such a good friend, always looking out for her girls! We enjoy a delicious dinner while immersing ourselves in each other’s eyes and having interesting conversations. Once dinner and dessert are finishing they are prepping for the fundraising part of our event.

Julie, as always, has amazing items to offer these fine people. A necklace donated by one of my favorite jewelers is being presented and I have to bid. It is a coveted item and we are all bidding and then a gentleman outbids us all. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be mine.

Drinks and money are flowing freely as the event rages on.

Mr. Handsome is bidding on some interesting items and I enjoy watching him. He is a chiseled God with gorgeous green eyes and a head full of dark brown hair. So well put together, I am enjoying the view. He catches me and smiles. I am bold and smile right back at him.

He stands, taking my hand to lead me away from the ballroom. We are walking toward a quiet room and he holds the door open for me. Once we are in the room he swoops in to kiss me. His lips are so soft and perfectly smooth against mine. He is holding me by the small of my back and I am enjoying this moment so much.

Female guided masturbation is entering my mind at this point.

Sitting me down in a chair, he sits in the chair across from me. Slowly he is caressing up my leg. He strong hand cups my calf, running up to my knee before resting on my inner thigh. The anticipation of his touch is almost too much to contain. He tells me that he wants to experience female-guided masturbation with me…right now. Okay, I am all in baby! From there he is telling me to lift my legs onto the chair on either side of him. I place my legs there, eagerly doing as I am told.

Then he is instructing me to take off my panties. Therefore, I do as I am told and slip them down my long sexy legs. He is putting them to his nose and smelling my scent. While he is telling me to raise my dress up so he can see my pussy. I obey and from there he tells me to caress my inner thighs.

Female Guided Masturbation – This feels so fucking good!

From my thighs he has me start to touch my mound and gently rub there. Caressing my pussy lips with the tips of my manicured fingers. Then he is instructing me to slide my fingers between my pussy lips. Above all, he wants to see the inside of my pussy and tells me to spread my lips. I do as I am told and he moans as I see his cock pressing against his pants. I am a size queen and appreciate that huge bulge of his dick!

He is telling me to start stroking my clit. Then he wants me to finger myself and I am doing just that. Moaning as I am getting so close to climax. Out of nowhere, he gets down on his knees between my legs. Placing his mouth on my inner thigh I moan loudly. Talk about a fun experience to add to my hot phone sex.

Mr. Handsome is taking over.

Consequently, his mouth is warm and exquisite as he is working my pussy. I am grinding against his mouth as he brings me to a crashing climax and I scream out loud. We both laugh after. While we walk back together to re-enter the ballroom, Mr. Handsome grabs my hand into his and stops me. Leaning into me, his mouth just inches from my neck, he pulls my hair to the side. In a charismatic swoop, he slips something around my neck. It is the necklace I wanted!

Wow, maybe I should experience female guided masturbation more often!

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