Make me beg for a female edging orgasm

Let’s visualize this female edging orgasm together. You must be able to take full control of me for this to work. And when I say control I don’t mean spank me, pull my hair and mount me. Sure, all that sexual dominance is nice but your going to need to be able to control ALL of me. We are going to need sex toys for one because I fucking love them. The second reason for the sex toys is so that you can control me from a distance. I want to edge all night with you. Make me wear a pair of vibrating panties to dinner but you keep the remote. At anytime throughout the night just turn on the panties. You’ll want to start slow and light, keeping the vibrations at a minimum. At first it won’t do much other than put me in the mood.

But after those vibrations turn up higher and higher, I’ll be wanting you so bad. You keep teasing me no matter how much I beg you to fuck me. If I look like I’m close to squirting in my panties turn the vibrations back down to low. Dinner is over and we are in the cab, finger fuck me in the cab. Slide your hands up my dress, move my panties to the side, and finger me. Whatever you do, don’t let me cum.  Whisper in my ear “Don’t cum.” Pay close attention to how wet I’m getting and much my pussy throbs. When you get me close pull out of my dripping wet pussy and slide your fingers in my mouth. Getting naughty in a cab has always been one of my fantasies. Just knowing the cab driver is probably watching turns me on.

Let’s take this to the bed

Ready to take this female edging orgasm to bed? I know I am! But I also want to kick this up a notch. Remember my strap on butterfly? The butterfly straps onto me and vibrates against my clit, and remote lets you control everything. You can make it vibrate fast, slow or even pulse against me. I think it’s much more intense than the panties. Again, tease me with vibrations. Make me beg for your cock to be inside me. Watch my legs, quiver and my pussy drip for you. Know I want you so bad at this point but no matter how much I beg don’t give in. Now it’s time for you to take away the butterfly and replace it with your tongue. That’s right eat me baby and continue edging me with your tongue. I can’t promise it won’t be messy!

Slide your finger into my mouth, make me suck all over them. When you pull them out of my mouth slide them in my ass. It’s so hard for me not cum when someone is playing with my asshole. But edging is all about pushing the limits and bringing you to the edge and back. So tease my ass, go for it! Your tongue inside my pussy and your finger in my ass should be making me climb walls at this point. I bet your ready for me now, right? All this control has made your dick throbbing hard. So get up here, between my legs, and slip that dick inside me. Just because your fucking me doesn’t mean you can’t continue to edge me with your cock. If you want me to experience a huge female edging orgasm then edge me with your dick.

You want me then cum and get me

Could you imagine us edging for hours? I can! Edge me with every tool accessible to you. Be a man and take full complete control of me. And when you do finally let me cum it will be like something I have never felt before. But are you man enough to handle a kinky girl like me? Prove it, show me what you really want to do to me. It’ll be the best phone sex experience for us both. But if your just looking for a hot story to beat it to, then come see how anal play with Kelsey might make your dick twitch.