High school reunions either have the opportunity to be incredibly lame or amazing. Therefore, when it came to attending mine I was more than a little hesitant to go. However, I did wind up attending and even meeting up with my old high school fling. More importantly, I was able to experience first hand a female cuckold as she sees what her husband actually wants in a woman.

Although he is married now, his wife did not attend the event with him. After all, he said she is rather lame and drab and never liked to have any fun. The event was an open bar, so the two of us went to it. Downing one drink after another drink while reminiscing about the amazing time that we used to have together. We even began dabbling into our sexual shenanigans of the past. He comparing it to his boring, humdrum, missionary style vanilla sex that he now has with his lame-ass wife. Poor shmuck! 



By the end of the evening, the two of us are exchanging numbers hoping to meet up again in the future. Every few days he would message me about how sexy I am and I was totally seizing this opportunity to tease him with some dirty photos. As he did not live very far from my place the two of us would fantasize about meeting up while his wife was out often. That was until the day it actually happened.

His wife is out on her weekly shopping trip. And the two of us are getting together for an old school fuck session like we used to have back in the day. We enter their bedroom, making out like we are back in high school. It was as if we are on autopilot, ripping away at each other’s clothes allowing them to fall to the ground. I even introduced him to my erotic femdom sensual pegging!

She Is About To Be A Female Cuckold

Suddenly there is noise from his front yard. For whatever reason, his wife has come home early finding my car parked in the driveway where hers should be. Although she has no idea who I am, the lame cow is already angry. Slamming both her car door and the house door behind her as she lets herself in.

Then, the bedroom door swings open, and an angry wife bursts into the room. She is not a very attractive woman at all, in fact, her body has a very little figure. Resembling less of a woman and more of a potato. And I will not even subject you to the hideous details of her horrid face.


She starts yelling and screaming at my ex. Standing next to me with his clothes on the ground. The poor guy is wearing nothing but boxers. That is when, with very little thinking I pick up a heavy bookend and hit the woman across the back of the head, knocking her out. Although she was only unconscious.

The two of us are staring at each other before quickly tying up her wrists and ankles and covering her mouth in duct tape. As she begins to come to she realizes that she is naked and unable to move. The two of us are sitting next to her unable to keep our hands off of each other kissing each other passionately and deeply. 

Female Cuckold Learns Her Place

His wife whimpers and groans pulling against the ties that are binding her to the bed. Her muffled screams are starting to make my pussy wet. Sensing that, he leans me back against his wife spreading my legs wide open and pulling my panties to the side.

Staring at his wife he winks and then starts licking his lips like a hungry dog. He then dives face-first into my moist perfect cunt telling me how perfect I taste. He sticks his fingers inside of my pussy before pulling them out and then wiping them under his crying wife’s nose. I laugh as he tells her to smell perfection so she knows how mediocre she is in comparison to me. 


Finally, I begin to straddle her. Positioning myself onto all fours, on my hands and knees; with her body under me. That is when he begins climbing up to the bed and sticks his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.

I moan out loudly telling him how good he feels inside of me. As his wife groans and pulls against the ties some more he fucks me harder. Yelling out how much better my pussy feels than hers and then pulling me by my hair so that I am on my knees. I start sucking his gorgeous cock. 

She Will Become His Cuckold Wife, Like It Or Not

Forcefully he face fucks my throat with every inch of him. As I gag and spit on him my delectable fluids drip all over his wife’s body. However, he is not done yet he exclaims. He states that he wants to fill my horny pussy with every last drop of baby batter he has in his huge balls.

Therefore, that is exactly what he did. Scooting closer to his wife’s face he fucks my pussy until he fills me with his creamy load. Of course, that is not the last of it either. I then squat over her face and dribble my delicious creampie out all over her. She whimpers pathetically as I get dressed. Her husband strokes the cum through her hair and tells her she is going to have to step up her game.

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