A bad little pussy & her felon BBC.

A felon BBC sounds like a lot more trouble than it’s worth.. but it’s all perfect for me. I feel like I can’t really tell anyone, but fuck them all, I need to tell the truth. I really do love black cock. I mean, I was raised in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by black cock. And to make matters even worse, I love the bad boys, how could I say no to them? My favorite weakness was a 6’5″ dreadhead with green eyes, a gangbanger in high school who just couldn’t stop being bad. And I fucking loved it. He was my first cock, and the mistake I keep wanting to repeat! Like, damn, that boy could make 10″ feel like it was meant to be. Big, rough, stretching me out, and making me cum. The downside is, after high school, the dummy fucked around and ended up with like five felonies, but somehow didn’t spend as much time in prison as I expected… which puts me in a strange situation.

I was ready to kiss the felon BBC goodbye, but now he’s free. What do I do with that? I to fuck him again, to be his little slut. He was so naughty before too, he got jealous of a white fuckbuddy I had for a little while, and came over one day when he knew I was seeing him.. and put him in his place. He fucked me in front of him, but he went beyond that, he fucked the white guy too! With every inch of that thick black cock, he showed everyone who’s boss. Now I’m wrapped around his finger all over again like in high school. This bad little pussy needs something just as mean.. and in my world, that means an outlaw with a big black cock. I guess I know not to go around fucking other guys anymore, or they’re gonna get it just as rough as I am! 😉

Come play with me.

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