Using My Feet To Play With His Balls

This morning I woke up in Brendan’s bed and thought it was best to leave before he woke up. It was only a one night stand and that’s just how things go. I quickly went to the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake him up. I must have shut the door too loudly because when I got back he was half-awake and his morning wood was pushing up the sheet. Dick is so hard to resist, especially if it’s already nice and hard for me like it was just waiting for me to come back. I was going to do something with him right now with my feet.

I was feeling a bit playful so I stripped off my nightie and climbed on the bed. So I sat by his feet and slid the sheet off him then nudged his legs apart so I could get between them. He grumbled and shifted but I was too quick for him and managed to get in position. I thought about giving him a blow job but his balls looked so big and heavy that I thought it would be more fun to play with those instead. Even though we had only fucked a few hours ago I was sure I could get a decent sized load out of him.

     I inched my feet up to his balls and gently pressed my toes on them.

As I kneaded them he woke up more and started paying attention to what I was doing. His dick twitched and I lifted a foot up, running my toes along his shaft. I went up slowly and ran my toe around his head, making him gasp as I went across his slit. “That must be so painful. Why don’t you take care of it? I know you must be dying to.” I said then slid my toes back down to his balls. I wiggled my toes on them playfully then began doing it a bit harder, giving him a little ball massage.

He put his hand around his dick and started jerking off while he looked at me, eyes going straight to my tits. I leaned back on one hand and put my other hand on my tit, playing with it for him. Then I cupped it and used two of my fingers to roll my nipple while I bit my lip and moaned. I swear his dick got even harder as his eyes burned holes into me. His hand moved faster and I put my feet on the sides of his balls, going back and forth between squeezing them and bouncing them.

He made these sexy little sounds whenever I squeezed them so I started doing that more, using that little area under my toes to press into him. I kept going until I felt his balls move under my toes and waited for it. He threw his head back and groaned as he came all over himself. I squeezed his balls harder between my feet as they emptied and waited for him to relax.

     He finally took his hand off his dick and wiped it on the sheet.

I pushed myself up and crawled on his lap, his wet dick against my pussy. I rocked my hips, rubbing my pussy on his dick and asked “So how long does morning wood last for? Is it all morning? Because that’s how long I can go for.”

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