My Feet Licking Boyfriend’s Surprise!

I have a feet licking boyfriend. Yes, I said it and he isn’t even shy about it. When we met the only reason he talked to me was because I was wearing sandals. His pick up was “you have cute toes”. I know, it sound totally creepy but there was something about the way he said that that made me just want him. Obviously I love getting my feet massaged but if you haven’t gotten then sucked after then you need to find a boyfriend like mine.

Once him and I started experimenting things kept getting more and more excited. It started with feet and then before we knew it we were talking about having him watch me get fucked. It is quite the jump but I can’t help that I’m kinky. Then he confessed a fantasy to me. He want it me to find a big black cock to cum all over my feet. He thought I might of forgotten about it but a few nights ago I surprised him. Right before he got there I met up with this big black handsome man.

I had the perfect plan. I would make him cum in a cup and then pour it all over my pretty little feet once my boyfriend arrived. It worked perfectly. My boyfriend came home to me laying back on the couch. I had my feet up on the coffee table and on them there was a bbc creamy load. His cock immediately stood up! I made him clean my pretty toes. I made him suck on them too. I watched him as he moaned in ecstasy tasting that cum.

We already have something plan next time. He is going to have it fresh. He is going to be there when a big black cock cums on my feet.


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