Feet fetish has one father make an offer I can’t refuse.

“Feet fetish?  You want to do WHAT with my feet?”

I couldn’t believe what Mr. Deets was asking. I had just finished babysitting his kids for the evening and he was giving me a ride home. I was so surprised when he made me an offer that was so weird and wrong.

“Come on. A high school girl like you could do a lot with an extra three hundred dollars in her pocket.”

Three hundred dollars was a lot of money!

And all I had to do was let him play with my feet. I had noticed he seemed to have a weird obsession with them. Like, he’d stare at them some days, asking me about my pedicure. What color I got. Asking me if he could have a closer look. He said he wanted to buy the right package for his wife or something because she’s been working so hard lately. I didn’t know of any package that required THIS much homework, but I let him. I let him get up close and personal without touching them. Just to be extra shady about it, he’d time me an extra twenty or thirty bucks for my trouble. I wasn’t going to argue. It was free money! But now that I know he was probably jerking off to the memories of his exploration, I dunno if I still would have done it.

I fell asleep on the couch after the kids had gone to bed once.

When I woke up, the Deets had returned, but I couldn’t find my socks anywhere. I thought maybe I had been careless. Now I am almost certain that Mr. Deets stole them and was probably using my socks as fuck holes for his sick pleasures. Maybe he kept one for fucking and the other for smelling. He did make the comment that I had really nice-smelling feet once. Again, I let it go because he gave me an extra fifty that night. But tonight was different. Three hundred dollars were on the line for the old pervert to do whatever he wanted to do with them. I was struggling to say no. I don’t think I couldn’t have. Spoilers, I didn’t say no. You won’t believe what the dirty old man did with his ‘purchase’.

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