If you have a real feet fetish, you love everything single thing about a foot

Whether it is the shoes you wear, what socks you have on, are they hairy, stinky, or pedicured. All of these things combine for one of the dirtiest fetishes of mine. I realized I had a feet fetish when I was dating a much older man. He was massaging my feet one evening and decided to wrap his lips around my big toe. He licked and sucked on each one of my toes that caused an eruption of pleasure inside of me until I came.

My foot fetish continued to grow more and more as I let him suck on my toes before we fucked. Having him suck on me like that made my pussy so wet. His gigantic cock would slip right into my tight little hole so easily when he would take the time to suck on each and every one of my toes. I love adult chat!

My feet fetish also led to my obsession with the sexiest stilettos and latex shoes

One of my favorite things to talk about having sex while on the phone is creating the imagery. I love to talk about the different kind of shoes I like to wear while I’m dominating a sissy boy. Wearing my black latex boots with a stiletto heel always makes me feel like the sexiest Mistress. If I’m not shoving my foot in a sub’s mouth, I’m holding my stiletto heel over their eye while I have their cock tied up with my sheer pantyhose.

If you’re begging me to let you cum, my feet need to be worshiped while I am dominating. I tell my submissive little whores to address me by “Mistress Bettie” and address my feet as “Mistress Bettie’s Perfect Feet” before I shove them in their mouth and make them gag on my latex.

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