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I love guided Masturbation and can not help but lay here sometimes by myself and get so turned on. Sometimes it can be a memory of something that happened. Sometimes it is just the way the shower water trickles down the front of me. Tonight it is my caller, he is so hot. He said he want to have some guided masturbation and edge play. I’ve got no problems with that, however I was going to be mutually masturbating right along side him. Edging my pretty little pussy right to the brink of cumming and then slapping it back away just so I could creep myself right to the ledge again.

So I tell him to get nice and comfy. I’m already laying on my bed naked. So, I start to command him to pull out his cock and rub against the head of it. At the same time I dance my fingers down my body and place them on my clit. Slowly I start to move my fingers in circles. I can hear his breath start to get heavier on the other end of the phone. So I ask him to start stroking his hard cock, and to listen to my voice. He hears me moan as my pussy begins to pulsate with excitement. Whimpering into the phone I told him to bring himself right up to cumming.

I was almost there myself. As I commanded him to stop and grab himself and slap his balls I did the same with me wet pussy. Slowly the two of us began again. It was hard for me to instruct him through my whimpers. I could not hold back moaning right in his ear. I could hear him slapping his meat stick and then stopping to catch his breath. We were both going to cum, and it was going to be nice and hard. That is what happened too. Synchronized he popped his top and I squirted all over the bed so hard I could barely breath. So fucking hot!

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