Feeder Fetish – Knowing She’ll Put On Lots Of Weight Turns Him On.

Feeder fetish, that’s right. My friend is a big girl… but, what I didn’t know is that her boyfriend really loves watching her eat and forcing her to eat. Because it turns him on and makes him love her more.

So, she’s a big girl. 300 LBS and beautiful as anyone else half her size. And I decided to have her stay the night last weekend. She told me about something that I had heard of before but didn’t know anyone who liked it.

We stayed up and ate pizza, had a few drinks, then had some chocolate souffle that I made fresh. And in our binge eating marathon, she told me something interesting. Apparently, her boyfriend has a feeder fetish. That’s right!

He loves to watch her eat and loves to feed her by hand as well. I couldn’t believe it since he seems like a quiet vanilla kind of guy. She laughed when I said that but she said “No, he’s into some pretty interesting stuff!” And then she explained how their feeder fetish lifestyle works.

I knew that they met online but had no idea that they met through a feeder community. And within a few days, he was already saying “I love you,” sending her money for food, and watching her eat on cam. He even buys her sexy lingerie to watch her eat in. I couldn’t believe my ears!

She says it turns him on so much that he gets hard and lots of precum drips out of his cock and his underwear gets soaked. I was like “Holy shit, I wish I could do that sort of thing!” But, she knows I gotta stay pretty fit and healthy. A girl can dream though.

Food money, lingerie, guys worshipping you, and all you gotta do is eat!

That sounds like a real dream to me. She’s out here living the American dream. Haha! And I love watching people eat and I have guys that call that want me to fulfill their food crushing fetish fantasies! So, I am all for fetish freedom.

I mean I did notice that my friend gained a lot of weight since she and her boyfriend met but I had no idea they were hiding this kind of thing. Which I think is really neat! Good for them for living out their fantasies in a consensual way. So, I listened to more about how he buys her stuff to watch her eat.

Apparently, he went on a few business trips and sent her food through DoorDash and stuff and watched her indulge in all that food on Skype with him. She dressed up in the sexiest lingerie she has with a harness, leather thong, and full face of makeup. She sat down and got to work all for him as he just jerked off watching her. I love that.

And he even has friends that pay her for her food eating videos! I couldn’t believe that at all but she showed me a couple of her videos. And I told her “Wow, you’re really out here living the dream, girl!” She and I laughed and sipped our drinks.

She says “I know that I gained a lot of weight but he really loves me and loves to watch me eat until I am so full that my tummy is bloated.” Which may sound a bit insane but she enjoys it as well. And she says having so many admirers that are his friends and the love of her man makes her feel like a star.

And I think that she has every right to feel that way. Because of sexual freedom when it is between two consenting adults like that is absolutely beautiful! She never used to feel this free before when we were growing up (we’ve been friends since we were teens.) And I couldn’t be happier for her.

The next day her boyfriend came to pick her up and he opened the car door for her and took her straight to McDonald’s. Good for them, I say!

If you have any interesting fetishes you wanna talk about go ahead and give me a call! I promise you the best phone sex. 😉