Feeder Fetish, anyone?

I need a piggy with no will power to feed to bursting and then feed some more. My feeder fetish game is strong. I’ll send my blue ribbon prize oinker to the store with a list of yummy grub to bring back. And we he gets home, my piggy pal will set it out all pretty, picnic style. Piles of pies, stacks of snacks, and mounds of mashed potatoes. Multiple 2 liters of pop (soda for those not from my part of the country).

When I come in, I want him sitting there in nothing but his underwear so I can see his pudgy tummy. I’m going to sit down on a chair facing him, legs crossed, foot swinging. I see his eyes darting from pile to pile, both craving the rich tasty treats and knowing that he will be eating until he is in a major food coma. Grab a roll first, my dear. Now butter it generously, add a dollop of mashed potatoes. Sink your teeth into that yummy carb sandwich and now dip the next bite into the bowl of gravy. Now repeat for the rest of the package and the second package.

We are just getting started.

Cakes and pudding and pies. Mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. You can wash it all down with some pop and some beans. No utensils. I want you using your hands. Grab great big handfuls and shove them in your little piggy face. I want to see your face smeared with the caloric smorgasbord you are devouring in your feeble attempt to please me. The great thing about a feeder fetish is it goes on and on. With check ins and weigh ins. And we get to watch your waist expand, your ass get jiggly and your pecs turn into man tits!

Now if you want to delve into your feeder fantasy, go ahead and give one of the Phone Sex Girls an email! we’ll set you up with a shopping list and then we can decide when to play. And you just know that during the whole session, we’ll be laughing my ass off at you, teasing and humiliating you. In fact, why not invite some of our friends to laugh at what a sloppy mess you are!