We all have our rituals. ¬†Rituals are an important part of the human¬†existence. They can bring meaning and comfort to any banal, every day activity. For me, and I doubt I’m alone on this, I have a ritual for when I masturbate. I have a set pattern for what I do when its just me, my sex toys and my dirty fantasies that brings me to¬†ecstasy every single time. ¬†Sure, I get off all kinds of different ways. ¬†I’m a very frisky girl. ¬†I orgasm on a couple calls each day or sometimes even just tuck into a public restroom for a “quickie” while I’m out running errands. ¬†However, my ritual is how I do it when I really want to take the time to please myself. ¬†It is a special orgasmic luxury to masturbate.

First things first, I need to be comfy and horny. I strip off all my clothes and run my hands over my body, getting connected with my sensual side. ¬†I slip into bed, clothes my eyes and let my mind wander. ¬†I fantasize about my lovers and about people I hardly know. ¬†I think about the sexiest filthiest calls I’ve had recently and play them out in my mind. ¬†This gets me nice and wet; I don’t even need porn. I run my hand down between my legs to feel how wet my pussy is. ¬†Usually, by this point, its usually dripping. ¬†When I get turned on, there’s an immediate flood down below. ¬† I slide two fingers into my pussy and then use my juice and lube to rub my clit. ¬†I’ve been told I have a pretty big clit, and as I rub it, it grows hard and prominent.

Once I’m nice and turned on, I clamp clothes pins onto my nipples. I have very sensitive¬†nipples, and whenever I camp them I feel butterflies fly all the way into my clit. ¬†In short, it makes me squirm and drives me wild. ¬†Next I pull out a small-ish vibrator and work my clit, and my pussy and finally I shove it into my ass. I then grab my large plug-in vibrator, and with my own pussy juice for lube, I rub my clit in nice slow circles. ¬† This makes my body arch in pleasure. ¬†I try to embrace every sensation and let them over-take me. When I feel close, I re-clem my nipples to get a fresh rush of wonderful pain, and set my vibrator on its highest setting. ¬†The feelings are so intense, I feel as if I might burst. ¬†I cum a river every time, and then need a few minutes just lying quietly as I recover.

What is your ritual when you masturbate? ¬†I’d love to hear about it. Then, maybe we can help each other¬†achieve that intense, overwhelming orgasm together.

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