I love everything to do with sex. And that means I LOVE sex jokes!

I’ve started compiling some of my favorite sex jokes and will post them from time to time. And if you ever call me for Hot Phone Sex, don’t be afraid to share your favorite joke! Laughing when I’m horny is the best!

Dirty nuns
Three nuns are in a car accident and then find themselves in front of Saint Peter at the Gates of Heaven. “Welcome, sisters. Before I grant you entry, I must ask you if you kept your vows, including your vow of celibacy.” The first sister approaches Peter and says, “I’m sorry, but I must admit that I once gave the Priest a handjob.” Saint Peter replies, “Do not worry, sister. Here in Heaven, all sins are forgiven, just wash your hands in this water and enter the Kingdom of God.” The next sister approaches, but before she can say anything, she’s pushed out of the way by the third sister. “But, sister,” Peter says, “there’s no reason to rush, you will all be granted entry into the Kingdom of God.” “I know that,” says the nun, “but I want to wash my mouth out before sister Mary here washes her ass in that water.”

So two men are lost in a desert. They are very thirsty and close to giving up hope. Out of nowhere, they stumble on a house. Thrilled, they knocked at the door. A hideous woman answers. “Ma’am, we are lost and need some water.” The woman smiled and replied with “only if one of you have sex with me.” One of the men volunteers out of pure desperation.

The man followed the woman into the filthy home. He happens to see a few ears of corn on the floor, so he tells the woman to close her eyes.

He begins to do her with the corn, and she is very much into it. After he was done, he threw the ear of corn out of the window. She begs him to do it again. So he grabs another ear of corn, tells her to close her eyes, and does his thing. Again, he throws the corn out of the window.

The woman gives him some water and sends him on his way. When he met his friend outside, he tried to hand him the water. His friend declined. “No man, I want more of that buttered corn!”

Do you have any favorite sex jokes? Phone sex operators love jokes! Share your favorites with me!


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