My Dad took off when I was three. No note, no phone call, nothing. Fast forward fourteen years and my Mom is happily married to an amazing and wonderful man. Not only was he eighteen years my Mother’s junior, but only twelve years my senior. Although my Mother kept herself together and was beyond beautiful, I could not help but wonder how she kept a young, sexy, successful man. If her pussy was that good, I knew mine would one day be golden.

I was only about seventeen at the time and my “Father”, Jax, was twenty-nine. My shape was slowly starting to come together with luscious, lickable lips and a blossoming set of huge breasts. Slowly but surely I was gaining curves and a thick ass; didn’t take long for Jax to notice.

One day after a long day at school I came home to an empty house. My Mother had a tendency to work late at her busy law firm and Jax was constantly traveling for his business meetings around the globe. I got settled and called my boyfriend Cody come over. A few moments later, I answered the door and we were stripping our clothes off, leaving a trail from the foyer to the front room.

We landed in the front room or the“forbidden formal living room” as my Mother called it. You know, the one that was completely decorated in white that no one was allowed in unless we had company? Well I had company, Cody and his cock, so I felt it was necessary to treat them as proper guests, just as my Mother would want. With that in mind I asked Cody to pound my tight little pussy with his stiff cock right there, on that stuffy, stiff, French rococo furniture, that my Mother guarded, so dearly with her life. We made out for what seemed like seconds before I was completely naked and sprawled out on an arm of the couch, Cody’s tongue doing crazy fucking gymnastics between my legs. I pinched my nipples and opened my eyes to see Jax, bags in hand, jaw on the floor, and really fucking angry.

I barely had time to react as Jax picked Cody up, threw him naked outside, and catapulted his preppy teenage clothing, while yelling

 “Get out! And I don’t ever want to see you near my Daughter again!”

I was too paralyzed to move as I sat there with hard nipples, a dripping wet pussy and pure fear on my mind at the thought of my Mother finding out. Jax interrupted my thoughts.

“Want the fuck do you think you’re doing huh? You think it’s cute to act like a little Slut?”

I wanted to answer but I was too scared. I was such an innocent girl, always getting good grades, never grounded, and always impressing my parents.

Jax continued “I should tell your Mom, I’m going to call her, where’s my phone?”

I jumped up, suddenly finding my footing and voice as I grabbed his hand. “NO!, PLEASE! NO!” I pleaded with my eyes. The only thing Jax seemed to notice was my smooth cunt and big titties bouncing as I dropped to my knees in front of him. “Please don’t, Mother would be so disappointed in me, please, let me just make it up to you. I ‘ll do extra chores, I’ll skip my allowance, ANYTHING!” I begged.

A smirk crossed his face and his eyebrow raised “Anything?”

“Anything.” I repeated.

“Well I can keep a secret if you can.” He whispered in my ear as he knelt down and touched my dripping wet cunt.

I shuddered. It felt so good to be touched but I knew I was forbidden fruit to him, enticing yet he couldn’t taste it. I mean he was my Step-Father for fucks sake, I was his little Princess since he had no children of his own. I paused for a minute to think as he began tickling my puffy pussy lips, what was worse, breaking my Mother’s heart with disappoint or having a little fun and not getting into any trouble. It wasn’t a hard decision.

“Your secret is safe with me as long as mine is safe with you.” I said as I grabbed his hand and shoved two of his fingers inside me.

He pounced like a fucking lion, laying me down aggressively, as we began stripping off his suit and tie. One by one, each article of clothing taking over the spot in which Cody’s previously laid, until all he had was a hard and extremely thick cock in his hand.

I mean, it was literally the biggest fucking dick I had ever seen. Cody was nowhere near his size and all the guys my best friend and I saw on porn sites definitely could not compare.

“Well it’s not going to suck itself Sweetie.” He said sarcastically.

What the fuck had I just gotten myself in to.

Read more next week to find out if Father’s Forbidden Fruit can handle a monster cock.​​