My FIL Stole My Anal Virginity And I Loved It-PART II

My bathrobe had come open at the top, and my breasts were fully visible. After signing for the envelope, I ask him if he liked what he was looking at? He apologized for offending me by staring and turned to leave. I replied, “I was not offended”, actually I am flattered you were staring at me. Then I asked him again did you like what you see? This time, I let my robe fall to the floor. I was thinking about anal sex.

His eyes got big as saucers and began to mumble. Before he could say a word, I moved closer to him, and took his huge left hand, and put it on my left breast, and asked do like the way I feel? Then I took my right hand moving it down the front of his trousers and said it feels like you do.He kept trying to speak, but I guess he was shocked, and overwhelmed, and kept on just mumbling.

As my hand moved down the front of pants, I could not believe what I was feeling. I then unzipped his pants to get a look at what I was feeling. He stepped back a little finished unzipping his pants and pulled out the biggest dick, I have ever scene. He was not fully erect and hung at least 7 1/2 inches.

My husband is barely 6 inches fully erect, and the biggest cock I have fucked to date is my father-in-law who is close to 8 inches.

As I have mentioned there is something mesmerizing about a black cock, and subconsciously I dropped to my knees in awe of its size. With my mouth slightly open he put his hand on the top of my head and guided my mouth onto his huge cock. I felt it grow even larger while in my mouth. I pulled my mouth away and was staring at a cock that looked at least 10 inches now fully erect. It was at least as big around as my wrist. Then he took his cock and slapped it on the side of my face and said ” SUCK MY DICK, YOU LITTLE WHITE ANAL SLUT”, this time he was not mumbling, and his voice was forceful.

Then he placed it in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and started sucking it just like the women I saw on the videos. I was sucking that BBC like a slut that could not get enough. At the same time he was burying that cock as far as he could down my throat. All of a sudden I felt a huge load of cum fill my throat, and mouth choking me like I have never felt. I was almost scared I was going to drown he filled my mouth with so much cum. I swallowed a lot of it, but most dripped out of my mouth onto my tits.

Then he zipped up his pants. Said thank you, and walked out the door.

So it was last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The morning after my father-in-law fucked my brains out on the dining table, while his son was at the store, and when he finished filling my pussy with cum. He spits on me calling me a whore. Then he said, “when my son gets here”, tell him his mother called so I had to leave. The delivery guy was dropping off some programs the church had printed for our annual Christmas play in a couple of weeks. There were three decent sized boxes. I asked Charles if he minded bringing them over to the Church, so I did not have to bring them over there from the house myself? To be continued………

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