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It’s the perfect sleep over, a bunch of teen girls running around in their panties, father fucks daughter and what could be better than this. Daddy has been pretty lonely these days with mommy moving on to a new guy and all. But it hasn’t been interfering with our sex life at all.  I think things are better without mommy in the way, I mean there is no sneaking around and we can do whatever we want. If I want to lay in bed with daddy I can, and if I want to walk around in just panties and bra I can. And if I want to have a sleep over with a bunch of horny teenage girls around daddy we can! All my girlfriends have a little crush on my daddy. He is fucking hot and I do love to share.

Which is exactly what ended up happening. Father fucks daughter but father also fucked all the teen girls at the party. Poor daddy he knew he wasn’t going to be able to resist all of us. We were running around in just panties and bras and what man could resist that? He tried keeping himself busy but no matter what he did he always ended up back in my room. There was a game of truth or dare where we dared each other to do crazy stuff. Olivia was dared to walk into the living room completely naked. Guess who was in the living room. Yes! Daddy was in the living room or was until he saw Olivia’s naked ass. It didn’t take daddy long to end up in the bedroom after that. Now it’s Brittany’s turn and she dares me to kiss Raven. And daddy watched me do it!

From A game to a sexual thing

Me and Raven saw how hot that made daddy. That’s why Raven decided to take things further. Now Raven dares Brittany to kiss Angel but not on those pretty pink lips on her face. She wants to see Brittany do a little kiss on Angel’s other lips. I think you know what lips I’m referring to. Angel lays back and giggles “well Brittany get over here and kiss me.” Brittany gets between Angel’s legs pulls those pretty lace panties off and kisses her sweet pussy lips. If lesbian sex or tight young teens bother you then look away now before you see father fucks daughter or any other teens fucking.  Daddy is blushing and even tries to look away but I saw him looking. Angel picks dare and is dared to kiss daddy. Even though she hasn’t put back on her panties she kisses daddy.

It’s Raven’s turn she picks truth because she isn’t about to have us tell her what to do. We asked her if she would ever sleep with daddy. She has this hostile look in her eyes and looking right at him she says she would fuck the hell out of daddy. But warns him she can be pretty aggressive. “Aggressive how?” Daddy asked. Raven tells him she saw watching us kiss and she could see he liked it. She also tells him she saw him get really excited watching Brittany lick Angel. Daddy tried denying it but Raven has Brittany lick Angel’s pussy again while forcing daddy to watch. Brittany doesn’t stop this time, she keeps licking Angel and then Angel begins to moan. Raven looks over at daddy and says “truth or dare?” Daddy is silent and Raven’s voice gets more aggressive “truth or dare?”

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Finally daddy answers truth but only because he is afraid of the dare. “You like watching Brittany with Angel don’t you?” Raven asked. Before daddy answered Raven reminded him he had to tell the truth. Daddy responds yes. “Truth or dare?” He is asked again. This time he picks dare and now is dared to lick Olivia since she is still naked from her dare earlier. I just couldn’t help how wet I got from watching and I begin sucking on Olivia’s nipples. Olivia and I start kissing and licking each others nipples while touching each other. Raven reached down and grabbed daddy’s crotch, “Yep he’s hard” she says to us. Then we start removing daddy’s clothes. We want some of that daddy cock we tell him. These girls have no clue that daddy fucks daughter. After getting his cock we all surround him share it.

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