Another hot taboo story of father daughter incest. =)

My Daddy found the best present EVER waiting beneath the tree for him this year – all ready to be unwrapped. ME! I know the in’s and out’s of my mother’s day better than she does, probably. I knew that she would be at her cougar club yoga class when it was time for Daddy to come home from his office for lunch on Christmas eve. When I let myself in the front door and checked my watch, I had just under an hour to get everything ready for his arrival! I was ready for father daughter incest!

I went upstairs and pulled a hot little red nightie out of the drawer and considered it. It just didn’t feel… right, somehow. I thought about how Daddy would best love his seeing his most treasured possession gift-wrapped just for him. BINGO! I ran downstairs into the spare bedroom where my mom keeps all the wrapping supplies and decorations. Yes! Found it! I smiled as I ran my hand over the wide, soft red velvet ribbon on it’s spool. It was trimmed in gold – perfect! I grabbed the scissors and ran back upstairs to quickly get naked. Then I smiled as I pulled out my gold body glitter, giving myself a generous dusting all over. I dusted gold glitter eye shadow over my lids and lightly dusted my face with some gold-toned bronzer.

Daddy’s present put on her Santa hat and wrapped herself loosely in the delicate red ribbon

Last but not least, Daddy’s present put on her Santa hat and wrapped herself loosely in the delicate red ribbon; cutting it off and tying a bow big enough to cover her perky little titties, long ends dangling down the length of her body. I carefully stepped into my strappy red high heels, and the picture was complete. Knew this was one present Daddy would love both looking at, AND unwrapping! I made my way downstairs to the living room and started a fire in the big stone fireplace. It was drafty wearing just my ribbon and bow! I grabbed two glasses and the ice bucket, and set about chilling a bottle of champagne so I could have a Christmas toast with my Daddy.

When he walked through the door, I was stretched out under the tree on my side, propped up on one elbow, knees bent slightly, ribbon ends flowing down over my body from the bow across my chest. His mouth dropped open as he took it all in, and I couldn’t help but giggle in delight. I had such fun during our taboo father daughter incest adventures. And Daddy really DOES know how to make his dirty ‘lil girl feel good!

He knelt down next to me and gave one of the ribbon ends a long, playful tug.

My bow came undone with ease. He continued pulling and within 2 seconds, he had his present all unwrapped! I couldn’t help but giggle again. Well played, sir! Well played. He made short work of my make-shift Christmas outfit, and in another moment had me off the floor and nestled in his arms. My puffy nipples were standing out hard against his chest as he hugged me; partially because it was cold, but MOSTLY because Daddy’s self-assured demeanor always turns me on. He’s a man that knows what he wants, and takes it. Right now what he wanted was his little girl unwrapped and ready to play with – and so I was!

In the end, I’m not sure WHO really got the present – Daddy? Or me! Either way, our father daughter incest romp was extremely satisfying! I might tell you more of the filthy little taboo details – if you call me!

Your Dirty ‘lil Incest Expert,

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