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I was driving to my hometown to go visit family. It was a very hot day. The sun was going to set soon and it was still over a hundred degrees out. I was blasting some Country music on the radio. I was wearing some giant sunglasses and my sexy black cowboy hat. So I was just driving and thinking about how much fun it will be to see my big daddy. I missed him so very much. Well, maybe it was his cock that I missed the most. Then it happened. My tire blew out. So I slowed down and pulled to the side of the road.

I got out of my car and checked my trunk for a spare tire. My spare was flat. I threw my hat to the ground and screamed, “FUCK!”. I must have been out there for over an hour. The sun blared down on me and I could not take the heat anymore. I started to take off all my clothes and pour water all over my body to stay cool. There was no one on the road so I decided to just stay in my panties.

Luckily that got the attention of the first car that passed by. I stuck my thumb out and the car pulled over. I walked up to the car window. There was a guy sitting behind the steering wheel. He was covered in tattoos and had a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Sitting next to him was a shy brunette in a white sun dress.

He asked me if I needed help. I told him yes. Then he looked me up and down and smiled. I had completely forgotten that I had taken off my clothes. So I ran and scrambled to get dressed. I grabbed my hat and suitcase and jumped in the back seat. Then he turned around and stuck out his hand. So I shook it.

“My name is Big Daddy and this little sweet honey is Mary Jane, my step daughter. Today is her 18th birthday. ” He said.

“Hi My name is Regina! Nice to meet you both! Happy birthday Mary Jane! Big Daddy? *giggles* Why do they call you that?” I replied

“Oh, heh heh. Maybe you will get the chance to find out sugar.” He said as he winks at me and Mary Jane just blushes.

The sun started to set so Big Daddy thought it would be a good idea to set up camp. He started a fire and pitched a tent. He told us that there was not much room in the tent so we will all have to snuggle in. That was all good with me. Because I got to lay next to sweet Mary Jane. I could not keep my hands to myself. I started to caress her body. Big Daddy just looked up and watched for a while. He was happy with what he saw. I started to I play with her newly fresh eighteen year old pussy. Then Bid Daddy and I started to make out. Right over her sweet little body. She was sexy fresh new meat and he and I both knew it.

I knew this was not her first sexual encounter. I did find out why he was called Big Daddy. He fucked that sweet tight pussy and came deep inside of her. Then I licked her little cunt clean. She was an experienced girl. Then She pulled something special out of her backpack and she knew how to make me cum. Wanna know what she did?  I bet you do 😉

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