Fast eating is what you need…sometimes in the middle of the night! It’s remote where I live and I hate driving so far to my favorite burger restaurant. Imagine my delight when one opened up only 10 minutes away. You can bet your ass I was there opening night!  So, you can IMAGINE my horror when I realized my wallet was missing!  The manager was a tall, handsome man who saw my embarrassment and asked me to cum to his office to work something out.
We got to the office and noticing the impressive bulge in his slacks I said, “I have a better idea.”
Sinking to my knees and unzipping his pants, I took his fully erect cock in my mouth and licked up and down his shaft. My tongue circled his thick purple head while I squeezed his balls and slowly started jerking his shaft.
I knew he was impressed when I saw the telltale drops of pre-cum emerging from the tip of his dick. That’s when I opened my throat and took his entire member in my mouth; from tip to balls and didn’t let it out until he had filled my throat with a healthy load of cum.
“Blowjobs always make me hungry, would you join me?” I asked.
It took him a moment to compose himself, but then he replied, “It would be my pleasure.”
I walked back through the crowd and exited the restaurant.  I drove past the drive thru and pulled up to the furthest parking spot in the lot. He came running out with my bag and got in the passenger seat of my car and pulling me close…
Fast Eating