Fart Fetish? Blogathon Part Justice: The Party Continues

Oh, dear perverts. Sometimes I think it must be hard for you. I’m sure you’ve been trying for a long time to keep up with all of us nasty sluts at the kingdom. We’re all so different, but each of us is so terribly tasty in our own way. I’m sure you wonder, exactly how do you please so many different goddesses with so many different fetishes? Do you have a fart fetish?


Well, you know what gets me off. Don’t you?


You should by now. I’m an any and everything girl. Did I run you in circles trying to figure it out? I’ve had some laughs at the debauchery, but I’m the lone wolf wandering around the party looking for my prince charming for the night. You perverts know I’m a hopeless romantic, but utterly incapable of being faithful. Ultimately un-gettable at the end of the day. There’s no Mr. Right. Only Mr. Right Now. And man…who he can be, who knows. I mean, Christ. The right guy for the night might even have a fart fetish.


The thing about the Kingdom is…surprises live around every corner.


And I mean every single corner. As the lone wolf, I’m drawn like a magnet to my own kind. I find him leaning in the shadows. He’s not one of the pathetic, pissed on slaves Aileen has sucking each other off or anything like any of the other guys. The dark horse. But this is the kingdom after all…so as I walk up to him I say to myself, be ready for anything. No limits, no taboos.  Let’s find out what this guy is here for. He feels my piercing yet vulnerable stare penetrating him as I walk toward him and looks over. I hold my drink in my hand as I stand next to him.



“What’s your name?” I ask.

“I’m sure you don’t really give a fuck what my name is.” He says, laughing. I pause and admit I don’t. So I ask him what he’s here for.


He tells me he has a fart fetish and scat fantasy that’s unfulfilled in his relationship.


Well, duh, I say. You know that most people think missionary is too naughty. I knew you were here for a reason. He stares at me eagerly, wondering if I can satisfy his craving or if I just think he’s a weirdo.

“So, you want me to fart in your face and shit all over you?”

“That’s a great icebreaker,” he says, “But will you shit on my cock while I fuck you?”

Lucky for this kind stranger, I spent a little much time at the crudite tray before I started playing and I needed some relief…and he was super hot. When the chemistry is right, I’ll do anything.

I lead him to a place that’s a little more discreet and he can satisfy his fart fetish and filthy fantasy.


I stick my ass high up in the air and he kneels behind me and starts to pull my panties to the side. As he tongues my ass I release a nice juicy fart right into his face and his ample cock get rock hard. The way he’s touching my body and encouraging me is so hot that I get so turned on that I’m willing to get as dirty as he wants. The kind stranger licks and sucks on my tight, pristine asshole until I’m ready to get really filthy. He puts his mouth right on my ass and moans hard into it, the vibrations so deep I can feel them in my pussy. I lose myself for a moment and release one big, sloppy wet fart directly into his mouth.


He stands behind me, salivating and his cock dripping. I guess he wasn’t joking about his fart fetish.


Mr. Right Now starts to fuck my ass and I’m grinning, loving every minute I get to spend with this nameless stranger, knowing this will probably be my last. I grind my hips against him, rubbing my clit, teasing the juicy orgasm out of my pussy before giving him what I know he wants. I know exactly what he wants and I am going to give it to him. Especially after he makes me cum as hard as I do the way he fucks my ass. He’s a nice guy. He obviously deserves to have his deepest fantasy fulfilled and I’m just full enough to give it to him.

I lean back and ask him, “are you ready for your filthy fantasy to be a reality?”


He slows his thrust, waiting for me to open that dam of shit all over his nice long, thick cock. He looks down and as soon as I let go, bearing down hard against him, I feel his cock throbbing violently inside me as he cums rope after rope inside my ass, pulling out, letting that mix of shit and cum sputter out of my ass as he watches, transfixed.


I lead him inside and encourage him to clean up.


“Going home with shit all over your cock is much worse than lipstick on your collar, don’t you think?” I joke. We take a shower together, I give him a kiss on the cheek and he leaves. A super hot guy with a fart fetish. I guess I can check that off my list. I return to the party ready for more trouble, feeling rather satisfied with myself…and less full.


If you’re like my lone wolf and you have a fetish you don’t get satisfied in real life, hot phone sex with a sexy, sensual, anything goes girl will put a cap on your day any and every day. Trust me. You’ve got a lot of sexy variety at The Kingdom, but if you haven’t emptied your balls to the sound of my voice and my wild imagination, maybe you should get your hand out of your ass and dial my number.

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