So I have a friend who is a farmer and informs me that he hasn’t had sex in two fucking years. WHAT!!!! Oh I have to fuck this boy, if not for him for me. The rush of his fucking cum will be amazing.. Oh my little farmer boy you have no idea. I take him by the hand led him to the corner of the barn begin to undress him, his look of shock was so fucking hot.  I  tied  him up,   proceed to rub my hands all over him, to let him feel my touch   move and work every part of his body. I grabbed his cock and he let out a scream, he was so hard and he was dripping with his very sweet cum, so I took a lick, I thought he would explode right then, so I squeezed his balls to stop him, oh no boy you wont cum that easy. I strip off all his clothes, so he is bare and tied and all mine. I took the riding crop and began to whip just lightly, and proceed to get a little harder, oh his moan made me so wet. I kept going for an hour just whipping him watching him squeal and try to get out of his ties, with no luck. Then I started to rub my hands all around just the shaft, not touching his extremely hard cock my tits just touching his cock taking his balls in my hands cupping them, squeezing them hard and tight. He was begging for me to fuck him, still not yet he needed more. I licked him from his ear all the way down to his inner thigh, never touching his cock. Started to nibble just a little, then I stopped I realized he hasn’t felt a women in two years. Oh My! I went and untied one hand just so he could put two fingers inside my ohh so very wet pussy, he needed to feel me. I then took his fingers and put them in his mouth, just a little taste. If you want me to tell you the rest then call, Trust me this boy was so happy.

No limits Phonesex