I love weekends at the farm!

You’re at the farm today and, since I can think of nothing but feeling you inside me, I decide to surprise you with a picnic lunch.  After packing all your favorites into a basket, I head to the bedroom to make sure the basket holding your dessert is perfect.

After getting naked, I redress thinking of only you.  I slip on a sexy, lacy red bra, cut-off jean shorts, and boots.  Then, I put on a sleeveless, button-down plaid shirt, tying it right below my tits.  Happy with all the goodies I’ve prepared, I climb into the truck and excitedly drive toward the farm.

You’re watching bales of hay come out of the baler and, seeing me pull up, you shut it down.  As I climb from the truck and walk towards you with a blanket and the basket, you’re smiling ear to ear.  I can see you’re hungry.

After spreading out the blanket, we sit together, the sun beaming down and warming our skin.  Before opening the basket, you lean towards me and kiss me hard.  My pussy is immediately wet.  Your dessert will come first.

Alone together in the middle of this secluded, quiet field, I remove my boots and stand up in front of you.  I untie and take off my shirt.  Next, I unbutton my shorts.  Before taking off anything else, I pull off your boots and pull you to your feet.  Hastily, I remove all your clothes.  You remove the rest of mine.

We are all hands, lips, tongues

We’re feeling, tasting, and touching each other.  Laying down on the blanket, you kneel down between my legs.  You waste no time and I feel your mouth begin licking my slit.  As you savor the juices from inside my pussy, my panting tells you how badly I need you inside me.  Your need matching mine, you crawl up my body and slide your beautiful, rock hard cock deep inside my wetness.  Moaning louder and louder, the field is no longer silent.

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