Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat In this Fantasy Sex Story. . . It Killed the Accomplice. . .

My fantasy sex story begins with a man is crying out, “But you’ve already satisfied your curiosity!!”

I’m leaning over him, smirking. I always love this part of blood play – seeing the panic wash over their faces when they realize what’s about to happen to them. Of course, my accomplice didn’t think I would turn the tables on him like this. His eyes dart from my face, to my dagger, and to the door. “No, I haven’t.”

For some reason, he thought that being my accomplice to my previous blood play activities made him immune to my insatiable curiosities – silly boy.

The power I have over him, not to mention the pure amusement I get from watching him squirm, makes my happiness so supreme that it would be incomprehensible to others.  Sweat is leaking out from the pores of his face, and if I wasn’t close enough to smell his distinctive, repulsive odor, I’d swear he’d peed himself.

“But you said…” he begins, trying to get out of this situation. “You said, about the girl.”

I take a deep, irritated sigh, “Yes, a girl. Are you a girl?”   He doesn’t answer. “I’ve never done it to a boy before.”

“But it’s the same!”

I see the scene vividly in my head. The girl’s legs spread before me, her whimpers of terror heightening the euphoric feeling. Her arms were bound to the posts like her legs; blood pulsing through the cracks in her stomach. Her consciousness must have been slipping considering the lack of fight I receive. The cut starts where her panty line begins, spreading the length of the distance between her thighs. The silence engulfs her tired screams.

This Particular Fantasy Sex Story always gets me wet and salivating

The next piercing of her skin proves to be challenging, considering I have to get her from behind. Still, I manage to carve a matching slice on her backside that coincides with the one I just placed on her belly.  Then I simply connect the two lines by slicing another line from the middle of her front to the middle of her back. Just as I have been dying to do to her stomach, I peeled her open like a book and reveled in the contents.

“No, it isn’t the same,” I tell him. “You know that. Doing it to a penis is much different than doing it to a vagina.”

I go about satisfying yet another one of my fantasy sex story curiosities…


Care to join me?


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