Fantasy Sex Stories Dreaming of Forced Sybian Squirting

The other day I had a call, That I just can’t quit thinking about. Usually, we just chit-chat and bull shit about this and that, until we are both so horny we can’t stand it.  This time we each talked about different fantasies we had. During this Fantasy sex stories session, I began telling him how I had always wanted to build my own fucking machine. He questioned why I didn’t think to buy a Sybian. I had heard the name before but wasn’t very familiar with it, so Damien proceeded to tell me what it was, and I was searching and googling all the while. I told him that I wanted something that would “Fuck me” back. *He laughed*.

As I listened to Damien tell me about all the attachments, and in my search seeing all the attachments, I was getting hotter during our fantasy phone sex call. I told Damien, that my clit was so very sensitive and each time it was stimulated, I could cum. Then I almost fell into a libido induced catatonic state during our fantasy sex stories session. I pictured Damien with his dominant nature, forcing me to undress and then having me straddle and mount the Sybian. Drilling metal wrist and ankle restraints into the floor, while taunting me that he had the control.

My panties soaking, found my finger swirling around in my wetness.

I fantasized about how much I would cum with that much clit play? how many times I would squirt? how long would he make me stay on it, watching me wriggle and write falling victim to my orgasms? I would be so humiliated, and so turned on at the same time. I would not be in control…and I could just imagine how sexy Damien would be watching and laughing each time I came hard, loud and squirting. In most of my private sexual fantasies, there tends to be humiliation and forced sex. I enjoy being degraded even during humiliation phone sex.

Much to my surprise, Damien told me that he would be no bystander, but behind me forcing his cock deep in my ass. I came hard at the thought. And now I can’t stop thinking about it. That fantasy phone sex call was indeed one of the hottest I’ve ever had. I’m considering investing in a Sybian, although I know it will be my sexual demise.

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