Fantasy Sex Stories: I wanted to be her Submissive

Fantasy sex stories. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love dick, I worship it, I’d even go as far as to say that I totally adore it.

But there is something about a Hardcore dominant woman that is just soooo absolutely fucking sexy. I am naturally submissive, submissive by nature, but at times I can be a bit of a switch, *giggles* THIS was definitely NOT one of those times.

In this particular Fantasy sex stories, I Recently I had the pleasure of being totally dominated By Raven, one of my favorite playmates in the Kingdom. I have never been so turned on. I was hypnotized by her voice telling me exactly what she wanted me to do. DEMANDING it of me, and she’s so absolutely gorgeous that I wanted to please her in each and every way. All the while our caller sat and watched as I so desperately tried to please my Mistress.. stroking his stiff meat as she had her way with me.

You cant imagine, how badly I wanted to taste her, every inch of her.

I want to feel her against me… but most of all, I wanted to please her, to satisfy her. Those long shapely legs, that dark hair, her beautiful natural tits, and that gorgeous pussy… I became so wet just thinking of everything I could possibly do to worship her.

I Imagined our caller sitting in the corner watching and stroking his cock, I heard his breath quicken when she collared me and jerked me down to my knees, and my throbbing pussy quivered with sheer excitement and anticipation of her next wonderful command.

FINALLY, I thought, Finally… I was going to be able to show her my appreciation of her beauty, FINALLY, I was going to be able to taste her, to make her feel so submerged in a world of erotic sensation.

Finally, I was going to be able to totally please her.

She pulled me by my collar close to her sweet-smelling, black lace-covered pussy, allowing me to kiss just the front of her panties. I was instructed to look up at her the entire time. I saw her motion for our friend to come over. In my mind I so desperately wanted to reach and pull her panties to the side and taste her sweet nectar, but … in that instant, I felt her yank my collar… rubbing my face into her panties, and then jerking me away from her while she DEMANDED our caller to cum all over my beautiful face.


mmmmmmm, thank you, Mistress.

Can you think of anything more erotic? mmmm, I still ache to taste her. But now, so many new Ideas, games, fantasies…what have you… have seeped into my mind…..For Instance, maybe You and I could be her cubbies, and she could instruct us as to what she wants us to do? or maybe she and I could partner dom, and have our fucking way with you? or maybe, just maybe…. you’d like to aid in her torturing of me. I’m extremely obedient,*smiles* Just ask her.

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