Fantasy Sex Stories: Leading with a Passionate Kiss

Fantasy sex stories. I’ve been daydreaming lately. Normally I’ve dove deep into the deranged and demented darker corners of the world I love which is erotic filth. Now I find myself yearning for a sex-driven passion, leading off with a deep fire ignited almost romantic kiss. Such a simple gesture, with deep erotic undertones.

Imagine the look in your lover’s eyes. The look that signals they too are longing for the leading kiss that fantasy sex stories are made of. I’m not talking about the cheesy romantic love scene, where the chick is leaned back and their lips never move. The kiss I speak of is the one that creates a fire in your loins, and a break in your psyche. A kiss so powerful, it is full of a primal passion that leads to deeper penetrating kisses, and bodies naked and thrashing against one another in the throes of passion.

Fantasy sex stories that start with an earth-shattering kiss, will end with an intense deeply seeded orgasm and quaking release. Feeling the passion igniting and sending flaming butterflies to wreak havoc in the pit of your stomach. The most innocent of kisses can turn a sweet romantic lovemaking session into a hardcore flesh pounding fuck fest ever.

Who knew such an innocently sweet gesture could turn fantasy sex stories into a fantastic romantic primal FUCK?

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