Fantasy Sex Stories: Why I Love Fucking Older Men

Fantasy sex stories: ever since I had my first orgasm at the age of 12, I became attracted to older men. The fact my tits developed quickly probably had something to do with it. Boys my own age were annoying and made fun of me, while older men wore nice cologne and only had nice things to say to me.

As I grew a little older, I began strutting around the house in my little sexy school uniform whenever Dad’s friends were over. My pleated skirt was so short that it barely covered my ass cheeks. My perky tits always bloomed out of my shirt. And my white socks went over my knees, leaving a sexy band of skin around my smooth thighs.

I always enjoyed the secretive glances we would exchange, the winks, the giggles, the flirtation… Mom and Dad were involved in their own little world and barely paid attention. I’d often insist on sitting right between Dave and Jack at the dinner table. One was obsessed with my perky tits while the other’s eyes stay riveted on my ass and legs.

I’d keep my legs open as a couple of their fingers would inevitably began caressing my thigh, slowly working up towards my damp panties.

Hmmm….naughty fantasy sex stories… Damn, I’m getting horny again just thinking about those days!

I found it thrilling when their wives sat across from us. “Look you, you fat ugly cunt!” I’d want to shout. “You’ve deprived your husband of fucking, of what he needs – and now I’M going to be the one to fulfill all of his dirty fantasy sex stories!”

Sometimes I’d leave a button or two of my shirt undone just to taunt Dave to sneak a glance in front of his austere, frowning wife.

I’m very grateful for my Dad’s friends. They taught me how to perform oral sex the good, deep throat way. And I was able to practice and perfect the numerous sex positions that to this day remain my favorite.

I still see them occasionally, when I go visit my parents for the holidays. I’ll put on my tight little shorts and go for a run around the neighborhood without a bra. If their wives are out shopping, then I’ll get invited inside and make my rounds again. It’s only fair I pay them back for all they’ve done for me!

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