Fantasy Sex Stories: Mommy did more than just “kiss” Santa Claus!

It was Friday night, just two days before Christmas. Home from college for the holidays, my family and I stayed up late, drinking spiked egg nog and chatting. Eventually, we all made it upstairs to our beds, everyone more than a little buzzed.

All of a sudden, I heard hushed noises from somewhere in the house, as if they were trying to be very quiet. Creeping down the stairs, I peeked into the dark living room, dimly illuminated by dozens of colored lights upon the tree and around the fireplace.

Shocked at the sight I beheld, I stifled a gasp. Two figures moved rhythmically near the Christmas tree, one person in the large wingbacked leather chair, and the other person kneeling.

Quietly tiptoeing closer, I realized that the figure seated in the chair was none other than Kris Kringle himself! A sleek, blonde-haired head slowly bobbed up and down over Santa’s lap.

Omg, I thought as I listened to the loud slurping sounds and whimpers of enjoyment. Was that my mother? Was she doing what I thought she was doing?

I gasped aloud this time, feeling the heat pooling deep within my core as I watched them. My eyes widened as I realized that my panties were dripping. As if she’d been expecting me, my stepmother turned around with a grin.

“Hello, sweetie! Seeing that Santa’s here for his milk and cookies, would you like to help me?” she purred.

Without delay, Santa stood as he beckoned to me. “It’s good to see you again, my naughty little Angel! “Cum” receive your Christmas gift,” he quipped with a jovial laugh.

“Oooh Santa,” I giggled. “Indeed, you really have “grown” since our steamy sex therapy session with Mrs. Claus and the elves! I think she’ll be very pleased with the “results” when you get back to the North Pole!”

Licking my lips, I knelt beside Mommy as she murmured “Mmm, I do love Santa’s “salted nuts!” With this in mind, why don’t you suck on his big candy stick?”

Fantasy Sex Stories: In particular, I had to admit I’d been looking forward to this special treat all year. Mouth watering, I slowly sucked Santa’s thick shaft into my mouth, moist pink lips sliding over his swollen purple head.

As a result, he groaned with pleasure. Mommy milked his “sack of goodies” with ravenous licks and luscious suckles. Accordingly, “Jolly St. Nick” moaned as he urgently worked his hard, thick cock in and out of my hungry mouth. To be sure, this was the best holiday treat ever!

Can you imagine what happened next? Indeed, call your Wicked Angel for the Ultimate in Hot Adult Chat!

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Your Wicked Christmas Angel


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