You crave fantasy sex stories. However, you have gotten to that age where you have put those feelings to the side, thinking that they are never going to come true. Well, this phone sex operator is ready to show you the fucking time of your life old man! I know you love to have that beach party with your friends and family every year for the fourth of July. I get it, really I do. So much fucking fun playing in the water and lighting of those fireworks. However, this year you are going to get a special guest to crash your party!

Fantasy Sex Stories: The Black Babe At Your Fourth Of July Beach Party

In case you are wondering what that hot slice of sexy surprise is going to be. It will be me, although I am sure you already figured that out! Just imagine it. You are sitting right there next to the wife when you notice every last inch of this ebony body wrapped in a rather sexy bikini. It is hard to hide the stares even behind your sunglasses. You will have to get up just to adjust yourself and hide that boner you are starting to receive.

How about you and your friend come over and tell me how pretty I am.

I will know exactly what you two need too. You need this tasty black pussy. Truly it is adorable the amount you swoon to give me your affections and admiration. How about I take you over here and you can have both my legs wrapped around either side of that face of yours? Then I can suck your friend’s dick and get him nice and warmed up. Don’t worry honey, you both can take fun fucking my cunt till you dump me full of your cum. Every last drop of it!

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