Fantasy Sex Stories are really what it’s all about.

I love all Fantasy Sex Stories and Incest Sex Stories are some of my favorite role plays.

 It’s crazy how many guys love having a little girl of their own and how many have crushes on their sexy daughters. It must be so hard having a sexy young woman in your house and not being able to do anything about it because she’s your daughter. I have a couple of Daddies I like to play with but I met a new Daddy last week and we’re trying some different Fantasy Sex Stories.

He has a daughter about my age and that little slut’s been driving him crazy for years. As soon as she became a teenager she started prancing around in skimpy outfits and writing about fucking her boyfriend in her diary. Daddy would read all the nasty things she did and jerk off while pretending it was him.  He can’t take it anymore and asked if I could be his daughter, like his actual daughter Lauren.

 That’s some serious roleplay and he showed me a bunch of pictures so I’d know how she looks, dresses and acts.

I wanted Fantasy Sex Stories to go perfectly so I did my hair like she did and wore a little tank top and shorts that barely covered my ass.

She’d worn that outfit at the last family bbq and Daddy popped a boner right there at the patio table.

I let myself into his backyard and sat down, stretching my legs and resting them on the other chair. Leaning back I closed my eyes, letting the sun warm me up. I heard the patio door slide open and pretended I didn’t know Daddy was there as I rubbed my tit through my top.

 Moaning I undid my shorts, sliding my other hand inside. I wasn’t wearing panties and I stroked my pussy as he came closer. Feeling him watching me I pretended to be surprised when he brushed my hair off my shoulder. “Daddy! What are you doing here?” I said acting all embarrassed and started doing my shorts back up.

He stopped me and said “Lauren, Daddy’s tired of you wearing outfits like this. It does something to men and you’re old enough to understand that.” He’s probably been thinking that for years. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet, dragging me to the lounge chair.

 Daddy grabbed the long cushion covering it and threw it on the ground. He told me to take my clothes off and lie down. I said “No Daddy, I don’t want to.” and he told me that I didn’t have a choice.

Starting to cry as I did what I was told he undid his pants. He got on top of me and shoved his dick in me.

Daddy fucked me hard and rough, making my pussy gush as he panted and called me Lauren. I started liking it, giving him what he wanted: a cock loving slut who wanted Daddy dick. “Oh, Daddy!” I moaned and begged him not to stop. I grabbed at him and writhed under him as my pussy tightened around him. He came first and I worked his dick, trying to cum with him.

 When he was done I tried to cover myself up and acted ashamed. “I’m sorry Daddy. I shouldn’t have liked it.” I stared at the ground and Daddy leaned over me. “It’s okay to like it, sweetie. Daddy loves you and wants to make you feel good.” I know he’s going to be doing all sorts of things to make me feel good in the next few months.

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