Fantasy sex stories, The fifth day of xxx-mas!

Fantasy sex stories, The fifth day of xxx-mas! On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love didn’t give anything to me but this is what really happened.   Well, you know Dasher and dancer and doner and Blitzen? Of course, you can’t forget everyone’s favorite reindeer Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. As you know they are never very nice to Rudolf so I decided to help him out as Santas number one elf. As I saw them teasing him and not letting him join in any reindeer games. So I decided to come up with a reindeer game of my own to play.

I rounded them all up looking guilty I told them they will not be flying with Santa on Christmas if they didn’t do what I say! I bought them all into the stable where I tied their rope harnesses to the stable stalls and tied them tight. Now I don’t know if you know this but the reason they are always making fun of Rudolf isn’t really because of his red nose… But because of his freakishly large cock.

Being all males it would be unnatural to mate them right??? Wrong they are going to be punished by Rudolf’s massive reindeer cock! The meanest reindeer of all gets to go first and you guessed it its Dancer. Don’t let his gay frolicking name fool you, Dancer is a dick!

Fantasy sex stories, Dominating Reindeer!

I helped Rudolf mount Dancer, and I guided his massive cock to Dancers never been penetrated ass and watch him ram him so deep he cried out in pain. When Rudolf was done with dancer it was time for Blitzen!

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