Halloween is the perfect time of year for sharing fantasy sex stories.

I tend to prefer fantasy sex stories a little on the “eerie” side all-year round. There’s a reason I joke that I like to get all “girl from the exorcist” during humiliation phone sex.

What’s your wildest fantasy? In my opinion, the beauty of phone sex is that whatever it is, we can role play it. Or we can just “process” about it if you prefer a little sex therapy. Or if you want to fuck me senseless with your big Franken-cock, that’s just fine too.

Sometimes I like to imagine my femdom phonesex self as an ethereal, almost ghost-like being wrapping around you and consuming you during our call. Honestly, I love it when clients call me and report that I’ve appeared in their dreams, therefore, I know they are thinking of me uniquely.

Maybe like Elvira, my “hills” could be “haunted,” if you know what I mean. 😉

Speaking of Elvira

who wouldn’t want to fuck a hot goth chick with a giant rack? Elvira is a total babe and has long been one of my celebrity crushes. In high school, I was a teenage goth: black lipstick and Marilyn Manson-inspired contacts and all. Oh yes, even back then I was going for “scary not to mention evil”.

Which scary ladies turn you on? Maybe your fantasy sex stories star an austere woman from your actual past. I dare you to try to scare me.

I’d love a three-way with you and Angelica Houston in The Witches. My clit twitches because when I look into her crazy purple eyes, I have that much crazy and MUCH more to give you during our fantasy sex stories call.

I’m the succubus of your worst nightmares and wettest dreams. And yes, I’m going to wait ’til the witching hour to cast my spell on you.

Ready to be my prisoner? I’m ready to do all kinds of fucked up things to you no one should ever do or even think and for that reason alone is why you need me. Naturally, after all, the only limits are our (twisted) imaginations! In a word don’t keep me waiting!