Fantasy sex stories, My Daddy got me out of trouble.

Fantasy sex stories, My Dad got me out of trouble with my teacher. As you all may have guessed I really was a handful growing up. I once went to school drunk off my ass only wearing my bra and panties under an oversized coat. That is not even the best part, that particular day we had a pep rally and I decided it would be a great Idea to march with the band in just my bra and panties. Even better my principal had to tackle my ass to the ground half naked.

Naturally, I got in a ton of trouble and was dragged off to the principal’s office by the principal and the rent a cop we had on campus. When my dad showed up he went into the principal’s office. She drew the blinds so that no one could see in her office. After my dad came out he took me to the car in a bit of a rush. What he told me when we got there never left my mind. He told me that it reminded him of back in the day sitting like a little helpless person wondering what to do in the principal’s office. Then all of a sudden she offered him a cop-out. A get out of jail free card if you will because I had a perfect record.

Fantasy sex stories, Daddy got me out of trouble!

So, the get out of jail free wasn’t really free my dad made an agreement with her that he would fuck her over her desk while I waited in the waiting room. He said that it was the worst thing he had ever done. He told me that when he pulled down her pants he said her leg hair was so long you could braid it. If that wasn’t bad enough he pulled down her granny panties. Her bush was so out of control that you would need a weed wacker to actually see what was underneath it. I couldn’t help it… I was laughing so hard at my poor daddies expense. So I knew when we got home it would be my turn for a punishment.

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