Fantasy Sex Stories are so much fun!

I love fulfilling Fantasy Sex Stories for guys and dressing up for them. 

Neil is a total comic book nerd and loves fetish porn and Fantasy Sex Stories with women dressed up as his favorite sexy heroines. He’s the type of guy who goes around Comic-Con with a huge boner and stares at all the girls while trying to act normal. Neil is always begging me to dress up for him but I’ve always said no because I like making him want me. When I saw a certain outfit on sale though I had to get it and have some fun.

It was perfect and I looked so hot in it. There were a small skirt and a bodice kind of top plus some amazing boots that went up to my knees. I actually had fun dressing up and after I put the wig on and did my makeup I had to admit it was kind of sexy.

Can you guess who I’m supposed to be? Lol, I bet you have a few ideas of your own.

Wanting to surprise him with Fantasy Sex Stories Neil I texted him and said I wanted to hang out at his place after work then drove over there. I had a jacket on which covered most of my outfit so all he could see was the wig and boots. He laughed and got all excited as he said “Are you serious? Take the coat off, come on show me the rest of it.” Neil started undoing the buttons on my jacket and I smacked his hands away, telling him he had to wait.

I kept my jacket on until we went to the bedroom then I slowly took it off, revealing my sexy costume. His eyes lit up and he couldn’t stop grinning as he looked at me. He pulled me close and started touching me and I told him that tonight I would do what he wanted.

Neil started kissing me and slid his hand up my skirt, cupping my ass as he slowly ground against me. I let him do that for a minute then slid down to my knees so I could undo his pants. Pulling his dick out I looked up at him as I stroked and licked him. He took his shirt off and moaned as he got hard and I sucked on his tip.

Neil kept running his fingers through my wig and when he was rock hard he pulled me to my feet and pushed me to the bed.

I crawled back and tried to take my clothes off but he told me to keep them on and only let me take my panties off.

We kissed and I pulled him down on top of me but he said he wanted to see me and he rolled on his back as he dragged me on top of him. I straddled him and lifted up my skirt so I could hold his dick and guide it into my pussy.

Moaning as he filled me he held my hips as I eased myself down on it. I slowly began riding him and my skirt tickled his thighs as I moved. He kept staring at me, his eyes going up and down my costume and I knew he was pretending I was her. I tried to make it more fun for him by gasping and crying out as I fucked him, telling him how big he was and how good his dick felt. Going faster,  I bounced up and down as he groaned under me.

 He finally came and I stayed on him because I wasn’t ready to end things. I leaned forward, kissed him then said that I was going to use my powers to keep him hard all night.

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