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I want to share one of my fantasy sex stories with you dirty perverts.  I’ve been fantasizing about it for a little while, and I just can’t get it out of my head.

Last night we had one hell of a storm. Lightning flashed behind the curtains. The heavy pitter patter of fat raindrops beat down on the roof between the cracking thunder. I have always loved storms. The energy in the air is just so alive.

It was getting pretty late, but I was enjoying the sounds of the storm as I was reading my book when the doorbell rang loudly making me jump. I sauntered over to answer the door pausing for a moment realizing I wasn’t dressed for company at all. My thin silky shorts looked more like panties and the tank top hung loose, just draped over my tender breasts, highlighting my perked up nipples. For a moment I thought I should go cover up.  But, if someone was knocking on my door at this late hour, then they would just have to deal with my indecency.

I flipped the lock and cracked open the door and peered around it. There, on my porch was a young girl. No older than 19 soaked to the bone from the downpour. Her cotton sundress clinging to her curvaceous young body. I felt my mouth begin to salivate. she looked absolutely delicious. She immediately began talking a million miles a minute to apologize for bothering me so late and explained that she had gotten lost and couldn’t get a signal on her cell phone to use her GPS and had run out of gas just down the road.

I smiled broadly and swung the door open ushering her in out of the rain.

Then, I offered to call her a tow truck and a dry change of clothes and a cup of tea, all of which she gladly accepted. I gathered some clean comfortable clothing and guided her to my room to change. I started toward the kitchen to put on some water and realized I had forgotten the phone. Forgetting myself, I opened my bedroom door and she was naked and dripping wet looking at her glorious body in the full-length mirror. She did not cover herself or seem embarrassed. I was. I could feel my face flush as I tried to look away but I just couldn’t.  Then,  I fumbled reaching for the phone and turned and closed the door again behind me. I walked to the kitchen and laid the phone down on the sink.

I thought to myself, “No, I don’t think I’ll be calling for that tow truck just yet. She looks far too appetizing to be sending her on her way.”

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