I’m sure you have many fantasy sex stories in your heads, here’s one that’s been on my mind!

Fantasy sex stories can be about anything you want.  Sometimes I fantasize about really mundane sexual encounters, like having sex in a parked car or in a tent while camping.  Other times I like to make up more elaborate stories, stories about things that have never happened and probably never will.  That’s why fantasies are so fun!  I love fantasy novels and sometimes even those come into play, fantasies involving magic and other impossible, otherworldly things. But, my fantasy today was actually inspired by one of your calls!

I’m the boss of a very successful business.  I have many people working under me and I am very respected.  I’m known for my tough attitude and business savvy.  I’m quite attractive and wear suits and clothing that accentuate my athletic build.  I know that many of my employees look at me with lust in their eyes, but I have never given into temptation.  I don’t want these men, who are my employees, to think they are my equal.

One day I am busy with hiring interviews.

HR has sent over several possible candidates.  The position needs to be filled quickly and I specifically want to choose the proper candidate, since we will work be working together closely.  After several interviews, I am beginning to think the whole day is a bust.  I’m waiting on the last interview, I’m prepared for disappointment.  Then he walks in, he is tall and broad-shouldered.  He walks in with such an air of confidence, you can feel it in the air.  I have an immediate and desperate attraction to the man.

I begin interviewing him and it is obvious he is qualified for the job, overly so. Our witty banter goes both ways and the mutual attraction is palpable.  He slips into the conversation that he is single, as am I.  Since its the end of the day, I offer him a drink, whiskey.  I keep some in my office for such occasions. He accepts and I prepare two drinks.  While I am up I make sure to lock my office door.  We move to the couch in my office, he asks, “Do I have the job?” I do something bold, I place my hand on his thigh and say, “Almost.”

He knows exactly what I want, he places his drink down and then takes mine.

He grabs me and starts kissing my neck while unbuttoning my blouse.  Then he removes my bra and roughly sucks on my nipples, all the while his hand his up my skirt, rubbing my pussy through my panties.  We remove our clothes, we don’t have time for foreplay.  He goes down on me and gets me nice and wet for his cock.  I suck that dick, just so I can feel it in my mouth, but there is no time for that.  I bend over my desk, he comes behind and slips his cock in, thrusting in and out.  It’s amazing, hot, and totally unprofessional.  After I wipe his cum off my ass and put on my clothes, I tell him he has a job, but never to speak of this again.

I want to know your fantasy sex stories,  let’s have Teen Phone Sex!

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