Fantasy Sex Stories: Teasing and pleasing with blindfolds and ropes

Here’s another great one to add to your favorite fantasy sex stories.

He was handsome, with gorgeous eyes, and a sexy accent that made me wet every time he spoke.

His name was Antonio. We met when I was transferred to a new office and he was chosen to show me around and teach me the in’s and out’s. Since we were paired together for work, we started having lunch together, and that’s where it all began.

Friday afternoon while having lunch, we made plans for dinner. He knew about my husband and I knew about his wife, but we still decided to sneak away from them and meet for the evening. When we met, he greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Antonio had no idea how wet he made me from the simplest touch. We talked about everything under the sun as we enjoyed our meal. Once we finished and made our way outside, we recapped the evening and expressed how much we both enjoyed it.

I told Antonio that I had a surprise for him and he was to follow me to the location. We arrived at the hotel where I had made reservations for us. He looked shocked, yet excited at the same time. I grabbed him by the hand and lead him to our room.

When we got to the room, I told him I was going to freshen up and I would be right back. I went into the bathroom where I had my lingerie and heels to change into. When I came back out in my sexy red tight-fitted nightie, and open toe black heels, Antonio’s mouth dropped in awe.

I told him to strip naked, and he didn’t hesitate one bit.

Then I pushed him back on the bed and reached for the rope that I had on the nightstand. I tied his hands and feet to the bed and put a blindfold over his eyes. I lightly swiped my feather from his ankle to his cock. Then I began kissing his neck to his stomach. I went to the freezer and grabbed some ice, and gave him the best hot/cold blow job he’d ever had.

Once I had his dick nice and hard, I took off the blindfold and let him watch me ride it!

I didn’t remove the ties, so he couldn’t touch. The best part was seeing how bad he wanted to touch me but he couldn’t. After I made him cum for the first round, I untied him and told him he could have a turn. I let him do the same to me for round two. He spent the entire night teasing and pleasing each other. This was only the beginning of our secret love affair.

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