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I sat down next to him, looking at every inch of his body. My eyes lingering on his groin wondering just how big his cock was. Finally, there was a commercial and he realized I was sitting next to him, His eyes went wide as he realized I was wearing a corset, Thigh highs and heels. His mouth dropped open but no words came out, I left him dumbfounded. Putting my hair over my shoulder and gave him innocent eyes I had no idea what would happen next, I just wanted him to notice me. There is nothing like having hot teen phone sex!

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He looked at me for a moment with that adorable stupid expression on his face. All of a sudden his hand was on my thigh and I could feel my face turn red as a tomato with a blush. My crush kissed me on the lips sliding his tongue into my mouth exploring it. All of a sudden he bent me over the couch and ripped my panties to the side. I could hear him frantically pulling at his zipper. He slammed his cock into my virgin pussy and fucked me till he came.