Fantasy sex stories

Fantasy sex stories are so much fun. I love fantasizing about roleplaying and having wild sex. I was talking to a guy friend about what he fantasizes about.  We were at a coffee shop just hanging out and of course, sex came up. It is my favorite topic! I told him he could tell me anything and I wouldn’t judge. Reluctantly he told me that he has fantasized about his Mom. He said he used to go into her dirty clothes and sniff her nylons and panties. He told me to this day, he still has a dirty nylon fetish. My friend seemed ashamed but I promised him I didn’t think it was weird at all.

He told me how his mom almost always wore nylons. He likes the way they made her legs look, smooth and tan. Loved when he would see her slide them off after a hard day. “I would peek into her room and watch as she took off her heels, and then start to peel the pantyhose off. I would get so hard. Sometimes I wished that she would catch me”.

I loved hearing about Chris’s fetish, and I decided to help him play it out. He invited me to his Mom’s place for dinner. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. His Mom had a hamper of dirty clothes. Sure enough, I found a pair of her dirty nylons. Then I decided to take my panties off and put the nylons on. I found a pair of his Mom’s sexy work pumps and a tube of her lipstick. I even sprayed her perfume on me.

Then I texted Chris a pic of me. I said, “Mommy needs you in the bathroom, son. “

Chris texted back, “Fuck yeah!” When he came to the bathroom I was sitting on the toilet with my legs spread. “Mommy needs you to lick her nylons.” Chris knelt down and started licking and sucking my pussy through the nylons. Then he ripped them open and fucked his fantasy Mommy on that bathroom floor.  We went back to dine with his beautiful mother and had a lovely time!

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