fantasy sex stories

There is not a single fantasy or sci-fi movie, book or game that does not feature in my mind… I have so many fantasy sex stories I want to play out and experience. To be of the Na’vi and live all tribal… though I don’t know if I could be mated to only one.

I want to be Mystique and fuck everyone from Wolverine & Scott to Xavier & Magneto. Hell for that matter Storm and all the rest too. LOL all the Marvel and DC created and inspired beings.

And have you ever thought of the fun fucking a cartoon would be? Like can you imagine to be the ONLY woman in a Smurf village? Or fuck all the game characters from Super Mario Brothers to Final Fantasy or any other game. LOL, my god, they have all played out in my mind.

For that matter have you ever thought about the different religious figures in all the different religions… Or their current priests, nuns, monks… beings of light or dark? To experience all the sex with everything from witches to demons or angels to soldiers of light. There again I want to be a magical creature and frolic with the fairies, centaurs, vampires, lykens all of them.

And OF course all the creatures from Star Wars and Star Trek and aliens that MIGHT be out there… Have you seen the creatures from the deep here on Earth? Is it any wonder I am called a beastly beauty… because I have no limits.

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