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Recently I tried naughty mommy role play and it was amazing! A friend of mine told me how he had fantasies of making sweet passionate love to his mother. We talked about a few fantasy sex stories for a while and then I decided I wanted to try a role play, so we did. I was his mother of course, and my occupation was a masseur.

My son called me and told me how his body was so tense from work and he was looking for a masseur but everyone he contacted was unavailable. He was embarrassed to ask me to rub him down, so I just went ahead and offered. We scheduled an appointment for him to come over the next day. He showed up around 10:00 am. I didn’t dress up as I usually would for other clients since it was my son. I dressed comfortably in yoga pants and a tank top. He came in and hugged me and we went to the basement where I had my table set up. I gave him a towel and told him to undress and I would be right back.

When I went back in, he was laying on his stomach with the towel covering his lower body. I grabbed my oil and went to work on his shoulders. I rubbed him firmly, feeling the tension ease as I made my way down to his lower back. He moaned and flinched a little, telling me how good it felt. As I rubbed his lower back I watched him move his hand toward his crotch, as if he was holding his cock. I finished his back and told him to turn over.

As he rolled over onto his back I could see had a huge boner!

Son, are you ok? I asked him. He pressed down on his cock with both hands as he apologized, telling me he couldn’t help it. I didn’t know my baby boy grew up to have such a huge cock, I wanted to see without the towel. I snatched it off and smiled and him. His hands still covering his cock, and his face very confused, I climbed on the table with him and pushed his hands aside. With my right hand, I grabbed his big thick cock and with my left hand, I pulled down my shirt, letting my tits pop out. I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked it until I felt the precum running down my tongue.

Then I got up and grabbed his hand for him to follow me to the couch. I laid down and pulled him down on top of me. He was still a bit nervous so I grabbed his cock and slide it between my wet pussy lips and pushed the head in. Once he was in he took control and fucked me until I squirted all over his cock. He came right after and shot his big load on my pussy and it felt great!

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