Why not tell myself some fantasy sex stories about my celebrity crushes as late-night masturbation fodder?

I love hearing fantasy sex stories. As far as my own touching myself-type reveries, I tend to think about more “reality-based” things, usually. But last night my dirty mind wandered.

I’m not really a big “celebrity crush” kinda gal officially, but I do sometimes joke my one (long-standing) celebrity crush would be Winona Ryder, especially circa Girl, Interrupted. But if I picked one of her co-stars for a ménage à trois, it’d be a tie between Heathers and Edward Scissorhands. Bad boys make me wet, and Christian Slater (who plays “JD” in Heathers) is kind of the ultimate hot, brooding loner.

The raciest scene in the movie is a pan to JD and Winona Ryder (“Veronica”) after a game of strip-croquet. I love wholesome games turned into naughty phone sex games or ANY sex game! And I would have really enjoyed ripping off their oh-so 80’s chic outerwear, too. Particularly Veronica’s plaid skirt.

I guess I have a thing for tall, dark, emotionally tortured guys since Johnny Depp would be my other threesome choice. Ideally, he’d be the Edward from Edward Penishands instead, though. I love scissoring and best of all being fisted, but those scary-ass long razor blades are not cumming anywhere near MY pussy!

I’d love to hear some of the fantasy sex stories you tell yourself/cum up with during our phonesex call. Celebrity crushes aren’t really my thing, but maybe I wrote this blog because once in a while a caller does ask me who mine is. Most of my fantasies (and real life sex stories) are dirtier, though. But hey, don’t get me wrong . . . I would NOT say no to a rendezvous with Winona Ryder!

What are you waiting for? I’m right here, waiting for your call.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke