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Envisioning a threesome with two guys has always been a thing for me. Taking command of the situation and getting pleased from every angle sounds like the kind of Fantasy Sex Stories dreams are made of. Getting the opportunity in real life has my pussy doing flips. Tonight I am having two of my neighbors over for a whole lot of fun. Living the dream is what I’m all about. I mean you only live once right?

Hearing a knock at the door will send chills up my spine. Wanting this GFE Phone Sex to happen will take over and my nerves will quiet down. Walking slowly towards the hallway with my heels clicking against the hardwood floors amplify the tension. Feeling my pussy getting wetter by the second drives me wild with double penetration passion.

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Sucking cock and getting my ass licked at the same time is something I recommend to anyone who likes sex. Feeling all those hands everywhere with cock finding tight little holes to fill and fit deep inside made me feel beyond alive. Looking up at two beautiful Taboo Phone Sex play toys and sucking them off at the same time made me feel like a GFE Phone Sex slut gone wild.

Craving even more.

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