My personal fantasy sex stories, vacation edition.

Your pretty Mistress cums up with fantasy sex stories of her own, you know. I was on vacation over the weekend and as I spread-eagled on my luxurious luxury sweet bed in my hotel room, a dirty fantasy popped into my (also very dirty) head.

I imagined that one of my regular humiliation clients heard (and recognized) my cruel villainess laugh from his suite across the hall. His (tiny) cock sprung up in this moment of instant recognition but he didn’t immediately knock at my door. Instead, he waited until the “happy hour”/dinnertime downstairs to scope things out more.

Somehow our paths didn’t intersect at dinner. I came back up to my room to a note slipped underneath the door. It read:

“Your humiliation phonesex pet misses you . . . and is in the suite across the hall. xoxo, Limp Dicked Loser”

I was startled. Wasn’t I supposed to be on vacation, free from ruining the lives/dicks of the men whose (pathetic) tastes I usually had to pander to?? Ugh. God. Well, if he was in the suite across the hall (and if it was the particular limp picked loser I thought it was) . . . well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to write back, right?

I took my (favorite) pen out of my breast pocket and wrote back: “Is it really you, limp dick? How lucky for you. Leave an envelope with $5,000 under my door and I’ll consider knocking back on yours, idiot.”

I slipped it under the door, then headed back into my room. Less than 5 minutes later an envelope with not just $5,000, but with $10,000 appeared. Wow.


Are you looking for your femdom phonesex worst nightmare/best dream? Good. You just found me. I’m right here, waiting to make you cry/cum/etc. Chop chop, bitch!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke