Fantasy and imagination are all you really need for this fantastic journey.

Who said that reality is one of the constraints of the fun we can have together? I personally think the world of fantasy Phone Sex is fascinating! Fairies, vampires, angels, demons, and mermaids! How erotic could it be to use body parts we don’t actually have to increase both our enjoyment? The scrape of a fang here, the caress of a wing there. So many possibilities. And then there’s the dozens of transformation fetishes. Werewolf, gender transformation, giantess.

We can play with scale and sensation! And then of course there is the realm of super heroes. All you have to do is open your imagination. Think back to when your fantasies first developed. What did you picture when you wanked your cock? Wonder Woman? Catwoman? Maybe something darker? A hot vampiress wanting to drain you of your sweet blood and thick cum? Did a certain redheaded mermaid make you have to sneak out of family movie night to flog your log in the bathroom imagining her shell covered tits sheathing your cock while you tit fucked her on the shore?

Or did you sit in church listening to the preacher talk about the war between good and evil and imagine the battle being a strictly sexual one? Angels and Demons writhing around each other seeking sexual supremacy.

All games have rules but the only limit to this game is your own imagination.

And we don’t have to restrict this to just you and me. We can bring in any of my naughty nymph friends to help our fantasy along! You want me and my friend to be an Angel and a Demon, battling to orgasm over your fantastic fuckstick? Two Djinn pranksters tricking you into a millennium of erotic servitude to our demands? Whatever you have swimming in that horny brain, lay before me and I will deliver in ways you could never imagine!

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